Monday, July 14, 2014

Top Ten Summer Feels

This is it! The last of the summer sensations posts! Whew! That was a lot of sensing and memories and thinking.

I hope that y'all have enjoyed some fond summer memories of your childhood while putting up with my summer sensations posts! :)

Here are my top ten favorite summer feels.

1. The ocean breeze.

The breeze blows Tucker's ears all over the place! LOL

2. The tickling of the bugs that land on my arm---until I realize what it is that is tickling my arm and my eyes shoot open and I swat it away.

3. The sand between my toes.

Those are not my toes BUT, in celebration of DoodleBug's new job, I did have my first ever pedicure with her and my toe nails are red right now. :)

4. The ocean water rushing over my feet.

Again, not my toes. LOL

5. The sun on my skin.

Not me. But not that far off from reality. LOL

6. The grass when lying on it and looking at the clouds.

7. Air Conditioning. What can I say? It gets really hot and humid down here and I am spoiled.

8. Cool sheets. I turn on my ceiling and window fans along with the AC and my sheets get nice and cool. They feel great. And it has nothing to do with the fact that they have polka dots on them. LOL

Yes, those are my summer sheets!

9. Sheets hanging on the line to dry as the wind blows them all around me. I used to go outside and stand between the sheets hanging on the line when I was a kid. It was so great when the wind blew them around. They were soft and light colored and I loved to dance around between them.

10. When I put my hand outside the boat and feel the water pushing hard against it. I imagine it's the same as it is for surfers. Same with putting my arm outside the car and the air does this.

And that concludes my summer sensations posts! Thanks for sticking through them! 


  1. I have loved these posts! Your experiences near the ocean are so different from ours in the northwoods! Hope you have a great week, Pam.

  2. I miss the beach, the sand & water.
    It has been way to long.

    I have enjoyed reading your summer posts. Autumn is on the way...

  3. Very nice. I like your sheets! I am really loving swimming this year.
    I have never surfed.
    I have never had a pedicure either, but I love red toe nails.
    Tucker looks so cute running in the wind.
    I ran and played in the sheets too. I forgot that until you reminded me.
    Every Monday morning. :)
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. You have covered summer from many different angles.
    I don't care for bugs tickling or biting.
    Hopefully you are having a good one this year.

  5. Whew...I thought you were going to tell me that bug was a tick!!!...:)JP

  6. I have so enjoyed going on your journey of the senses and summer memories! I remember how good those sheets on the line smell when you stand between them, and they aren't quite dry. Nice.

  7. Judy- Thank you for hanging in with me! Tell us about your summers up there- I know we'd love to read about them!

    Michelle- We don't get autumn temps until November around here. And it's my favorite season so that makes me sad. And hot. LOL

    Kim- It was fun running through the sheets, wasn't it? And there was honeysuckle right next to the sheets so I would stop and have a few and then run some more.LOL Thanks!

    bill- I don't care for them either. Some I don't freak out about though. Others, I have been known to scream as I swat. LOL

    JP- OH NO! I hate those things. They are scary!

    Terri- I'm so glad you enjoy it! I quite enjoyed having you with me on this journey! Yes, the smell of the sheets still a bit damp did smell fresh and clean, right? :)


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