Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Fitbit Post

I finally decided to get myself a Fitbit. I ended up with the Fitbit One. Not really sure why. I guess it seemed to be the best 'fit' for me. (see what I did there? LOL)

So this is the Fitbit post I promised.

This is the one I chose:

Intentions. They were lofty, as usual. I was going to get this thing and it was going to change my life. No more sitting on my rear. I would be getting up and moving about the likes of which you've never seen! It was going to be great and the weight was going to fall off like the melting butter I love to ingest.

It arrived on Wednesday, July 2 in late afternoon. No matter. I charged that sucker up, set it up and put it on. I chose to wear it on my bra instead of my pocket since most of my lazy clothes don't have pockets (which is something I'd like to be a squeaky wheel about with the people who design workout pants without pockets). No problem except that I wondered if it was tracking my steps or my flopping boobs.

Reality: I got in about 2500 steps that evening by getting up and jogging in place during commercials. Not too bad.

The second day, I started out ok, but then forgot I had it. Once I remembered, I was right back up trying to get in those steps. I started out easy, shooting for 10,000. I figured 20,000 was just too much.

Apparently, so was 10,000. I made it to just over 4,000. However, the third day, I did make 5,000. Something like 5,247. But that took an entire day. In my defense, it was all inside walking around because that was the day hurricane Arthur was passing us by and Tucker and I couldn't get out and walk because, at that time, it was raining. And I never thought to get back out there.

The fourth day was about the same. And we did get out there and walk so, not so good. But the fifth day? By the time 10:30 AM rolled around, I had already hit 5,296 steps!

Basically, I discovered quickly that just getting in 5,000 steps. I also realized that I had, once again, set lofty goals for myself that were just not obtainable in the first days. I have no idea why I do this, but I do. Every. Single. Time.

I decided to use the food tracker on Day 3. It wasn't difficult because I really thought to myself that it was no big deal. I would just eat whatever I want to eat. But that was erroneous thinking as well. I actually ended up thinking that I had to log whatever I ate so, did I really want to eat it? Was it worth the effort to log it or to try and remember to log it later? Probably not.

I also quickly discovered that I didn't know if the thing kept counting steps when it was updating. Because it takes a few minutes to update, I sat down and waited because I wanted every single step I could get to count. This isn't so bad as you don't have to update often. Which I know because I check frequently since I do get to sit down and rest while it's updating. But it is bad if you forget to use the bathroom before you start so you have to sit there and wait because, well, steps that don't register don't count.

Five days in I decided that I would start adding a Walk Away the Pounds workout to my daily routine. I was doing this before Birdie's wedding and, since I was having trouble getting in my steps, this just seemed like a good idea. I also went out and cut the grass. Well, some of it. The mower (the machine one, not I) ran out of gas. At least it did add steps! By 9:30, I had reached 6,423 steps! 

The closest I got to 10,000 in the first week was 7,153. Oh well, never say die. I do realize that one thing I'm fighting (and it IS a losing battle) is the high humidity and oppressive heat around here. Even inside with the AC, it's not as easy to move around like it is when the weather is cooler. No, it's not an excuse. I mean, it does make it harder but my lack of effort is the real obstacle. If I cared enough, I would get up and get those steps in regardless of the weather. I think. 

Thoughts: the Fitbit is ridiculously priced. I am not happy that I had to pay as much as I did and I got it for less because I went to my old stand-by, eBay. AND, when you set up your online account, you find that there is one that comes with your deep pocket purchase and a premium one where you get to dig even deeper into your shallow pocket and give them MORE money. That being said, of all the trackers I've tried, the Fitbit is the best and most accurate that I've found. You really have to work to get those steps recorded. By this I mean, it doesn't track with every slight movement you make. You actually have to get up and walk or run. I also like being able to see the charts and progress on my FREE account. AND, it really is motivating. The closer I get to goal, the more motivated I am to walk further or find ways to be productive while moving around instead of sitting and wasting time. But I'm never going to be happy with that price. Never. 

I'll keep y'all posted as time goes on. 

Do any of y'all have one of these things? 

OH, and just FYI- I'm not reviewing this for Fitbit or getting anything for it. I'm just posting for those of you who asked. :)


  1. I originally bought the one that your wear on your wrist. The one that they no longer sell because of rash issues. And I did get the rash. So I returned it and got the cheapie model.
    I wear it on my waistband. And I have to tell you it really is a motivator. It is not easy to get to 10,000 steps, but I sure do try.

  2. lyndagrace- It really isn't easy. I'm getting closer though. I am trying to make it a habit to get up and move. Once school starts back, it won't be so hard. Chasing after elementary students makes 10,000 steps easy before noon. LOL

  3. I know a couple of people who have one of those (maybe not the same brand). I have one from Weight Watchers, and have never used it. Now I am wondering where I stashed it. Might be the motivation I need to get moving again. Keep telling us about your progress, please!

  4. Yes, 10K steps is what is recommended, I think! I should dig out my pedometer and clip it on just for kicks and grins! THanks for the keep up the good work....out!...:)JP

  5. I love mine, I love Mike's more because his show the steps while I have to download mine but I set the buzzer at 10,000 and do not stop for the day until I reached it and my biggest total so far is just under 20,000.
    If I could control my food like I do the buzz on the fitbit I'd be happy, healthy and in great shape. Someday!!
    Keep working at it Pam, you'll get there. It is awesome to feel the buzz for the first time and really just about every day since.
    Take care and have an awesome weekend!

  6. 3 miles for me is just under 5000 steps, is it the same for you?

  7. I have a FitBit and love mine. Got it for a late Christmas gift in January and it's the kind on the wrist that you don't need to sync to a phone (good because I have an old-school TracFone) and also the kind that made a bunch of people's skin break out, so they recalled it. Anyway, I really like mine and find that it gets easier and easier to get more steps as times goes by (even if I do pace around the house sometimes in the evening to get more!) My FitBit post is at

  8. Terri- Dig it out! Let's get a little group going and see if we can hit that 10,000 mark! I will keep you posted!

    JP- Do it! We can all see who can get to 10,000 steps and then, 20,000! LOL

    Julie- I have the same problem with the eating. If I'd put down the food and pick up the stepping, I'd be doing great!

    Diane- So sorry I missed you at the wedding! Mary and I looked for you but we couldn't find you. We'll just have to meet for coffee one day. Before school starts back and my life becomes crazy. I've been walking in place just to get extra steps. But this humidity is NOT helping at all. :)

  9. well that is very interesting. You know I just don't know if I can ever put another one on again.
    Just because when I did it first I got 20,000 steps most days. Now, I am happy if I get 5,000. Maybe when it gets cooler I will try it again. I know Sasha would be happier. :)
    I would love if you keep us updated. Just because you do motivate me.

  10. Kim- I'm hoping that cooler weather will help me with increasing my steps. The high humidity is NOT the least bit motivating. I'm also hoping that I'll get better results when school starts back. There's very little sitting when you're teaching. :) I'll keep y'all posted!

  11. I enjoyed your post about FitBit. I have a FitBit One, and it has really kept me motivated. Yes, I've made the 10,000 mark but that's rare. Usually, I'm closer to 5,000-6,000, but that's better than nothing! Every evening my husband and I compare our tallies, which is a great motivator.
    I hope you'll post more about your FitBit progress.

  12. I had a fitbit flex but I literally drowned it in sweat lol. Since I didn't want to pay as much a second time, I bought a fitbit zip. I like it as I can hook it to my bra or put it in my pocket. I just use it to so that I can work towards hitting 10,000 steps daily. I find it motivating.

  13. Sandra- I've heard of couples both having a Fitbit and they love doing that together! I will post more as time goes on. Right now I'm taking it easy as I took a tumble yesterday and injured my knee. Ouch.

    Plum- LOL Too funny! I find them motivating too. But I haven't downed mine in sweat. Yet. :)

  14. Keep me posted. I put it on my check out bin. Then I change my mind. I've done this 6 times now...


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