Friday, July 11, 2014

Top Ten Summer Tastes

Quite a few of you have commented on my summer senses posts asking if I was linking them ( HEREHEREHERE). No, I'm not linking them. I'm just working through some summer nostalgia. And, no, I don't mind at all if y 'all want to do posts like them of your own! As a matter of fact, I'd LOVE to read them if you do! 

SO- we're getting close to the end of my summer-sensations-nostalgic posts. LOL Just a couple more posts to go- this one and the favorite feels one and I'll be done. Until I discover that I have more nostalgia related issues to work through. :)

Here are my top ten favorite summer tastes:

1. Watermelon!!! Always will be on this list!

2. The salt on my lips from the ocean breeze.

3. Tomatoes fresh from the garden. They always take me back to summer days eating slices of tomatoes on my Grandmother's biscuits made from scratch, daily!

4. Lemonade and tea (I didn't put the 'sweet' part because, down here in the south, there is no such thing as tea that isn't sweet) mixed together. Half and half!

5. Ice cream! Especially if it's home churned. And peach!

6. Cherries! I can eat them until I'm sick!

7. Corn on the cob! So sweet! I am particularly fond of the kind that is so sweet you don't have to use butter or anything else on it!

8. Saltwater taffy. My Grandmother LOVED that stuff. I ate it because she did. And now, I'll get it sometimes just to take me back...

9. Coca-Cola in a glass bottle with Tom's peanuts in it. I don't drink sodas anymore but this was my favorite treat at the pool snack bar when I was a kid.

10. Anything grilled. While grilling can be done anytime, food just tastes better off the grill during the summer months.

Ok, SHARE! I want to know all about your favorite summer tastes!


  1. My list would contain all of yours except peach ice cream (has to be chocolate) and coke with peanuts. My swimming pool treat was a frozen Milky Way candy bar, on a popsickle stick. OMG!! I'm enjoying your summer senses posts!!

  2. Peach ANYTHING is my favorite!!! Peanuts in Coke? No kidding. I've never heard of that before. Thanks for permission to do a post. I think I will. I have a lot of history to recall. Lol

  3. Terri- OMG! A frozen Milky Way bar???? YES, please!!!

    Judy- Yep. It was delicious! Maybe it's one of those crazy southern things. LOL Can't wait to read your posts. So many asked about the posts, which was very nice, but not necessary. We're all, for the most part, one big, happy, bloggy family! :)

  4. I love your list -- except for salt water taffy which I love but (along with caramels) can no longer have due to extensive dental work.

    Watermelon, peaches, strawberries and cherries definitely top my list! I love summer fruits! And I dream of ocean saltwater on my lips (instead of dust from desert monsoons)!

  5. Kathy- I don't eat the taffy or the caramels either anymore. But I'm sure I ate more than my fair share in my younger years. LOL

  6. I like reading your trips down memory lane.
    I have never tried cola cola with peanuts. I just have to someday. :)
    You know I have never been a fan of ice cream, but last week after we had made a freezer full, I ate a orange ice cream float every night. It was bliss.
    It just made summer feel like summer and so decadent.
    Also the smell of chlorine in the pool. It takes me back to going to the public pool.
    Oh, my other favorite summer taste is going to theater in the summer and having ice cream bon-bons. I loved those things and sitting in the very front row at the movie theater. Funny huh?
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. Kim- Thank you! I'm waiting on your summer senses posts! Wait, what do you mean you've never been a fan of ice cream???? Isn't that not allowed or something? LOL

  8. I've really enjoyed your series of summer posts - they're fun to read!

  9. Diane- Thanks! Hope to see you at the wedding today!

  10. There's lots that we would agree with. I like coke w/ peanuts, although I haven't done that in forevr :)

  11. Michelle- I haven't had that treat in years! I believe the last time was when I was a kid. LOL


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