Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Deep, Dark Secret

We've made it to the fifth submission Oprah's site suggests all women write down this year: A Deep, Dark Secret. They are talking about revealing something most people don't know about you or something that they'd never guess about you.

Ok, here it goes. I am a hopeless sentimental romantic. I am. Really. I love to read the classics and I love to watch romance movies. And I will sob like Niagara Falls. Every. Single. Time. I kid you not.

If any of you can name a book I haven't read (and I mean classics, NOT cheesy romance novels) or movie I haven't seen, I'll be on it. I love them all. Well, most of them. There are a couple that are even too cheesy for this sentimental romantic.

Now, some of you are thinking, "Ha! I already knew that about you so this is NOT a secret!" True. But, do you know WHY I sob like Niagara Falls?

Here's the secret: I sob all those gazillion of tears because that's the love story I want for my very own. That's the kind of love I would love to experience. The kind that very few people I know have. The kind that I missed out on. The kind that comes around only once in a lifetime.

I'm not jealous of those who have it. I'm not cynical about love either. I'm just lacking in it. But, and here's where the hopeless part comes in, I still, to this very day, hold out hope that I will have it.

And that's my deep, dark secret. Well, one of them. Ha!

Anyone care to share their deep, dark secret? Or would you rather keep it a secret?


  1. Sure I'll share - Oprah is my half sister. Yeah right. You do know secrets don't last on blogs. If I think about it I suspect types of secrets is another big difference between the sexes.

  2. I've been blogging for years now, and can't think of anything I haven't already revealed. Seriously. Maybe I haven't written about having worked for the FBI, in Washington, for four years, but it's on my LindedIn profile, so even that isn't really a secret. I cry at movies, but not necessarily the romantic love stories. I'm not romantic at all, and neither is Joe. I have a concealed weapon license. But I've shared that, too.

  3. bill- Hahahaha! I can always count on you for a hearty laugh! I do know that. I'm airing it all out and getting rid of it. :) You're probably right about that.

    Terri- Did you really???? How exciting!!! OMG- I want stories, girl!

  4. Wish I could think of something shocking to share with you.
    A friend just told me the very same thing that you have shared. She wants to experience that kind of love. It came up because she just watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. She has just been brought a very difficult divorce.
    I hope you find that love someday.

  5. I have to tell you Pam I have been reading and really enjoying and the fact that your sharing is awesome. There are things I could never reveal because, well I am afraid someone would get hurt because of the secrets I hold. However, the secret you shared, is one that would fit for me too.
    I'll keep reading and enjoying. And maybe one day share a bit so that others don't follow the road that I have.
    Blessings Pam.

  6. Like Julie, I have a "secret" that many people who know me IRL know but I would never reveal on my blog, simply because I don't see the value in the damaage it would cause to a family member. Let's just say that I was molested, for two years, by a famly member when I was 9 or 10. I have healed from it, though, so "secret" doesn't really fit, but there you go.

    Many, many couples I know have been beautifully matched by dating websites and found love the second (or third) time around; it will happen for you, and I love that you know that.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a grea t week.

  7. I could have written this post because I too am a hopeless romantic! I will never give up hoping and dreaming either.......

  8. Hope keeps us going I think... it's out there, Pam.


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