Monday, September 1, 2014

My Ideal Outfit

The fourth in the 11 suggestions from Oprah's site that women should write down this year is: Your Ideal Outfit.

Just so y'all know, outfit is just a tad too 'fashiony' a word for the clothes I wear.

That being said, the clothes I would love to wear would be at least 5 sizes smaller than the size I actually wear. And my favorite would be jeans and a top. I've never outgrown my fondness for blue jeans. You know what else I love? Flannel. Thaaaat's riiiight. I love flannel. What's not to love? It's comfy and warm and it reminds me of two people whom I love dearly. Plaid flannel is my favorite. I should have married a lumberjack.

Or become one. Ha!

I have never been comfortable in dressy clothes. Even when I was slim and trim, if I had to dress up for an event of some sort, the first thing I did when I entered the house was take my shoes off- right at the door- and then head for the bedroom, shedding clothes along the way, to put on my comfy jeans and flannel shirt. I still do the same thing when I come in from work. Except my comfy clothes now are yoga pants and tee shirts. I refuse to buy jeans in THIS size.

I guess I could be called a fashion snob in my refusal to adhere to the latest fads. I know people who wear all the latest and have their purses and earrings to match, but that's not me. And I'm extremely grateful that it's not. Some of those people are way more concerned about their outfits than they are about their inner self. Sometimes, matching outfits are misleading. I don't like that.

What I do like is being comfortable. I also like that I do not care what anyone else thinks about my slouchy, comfortable look. It 'suits' me (see what I did there? LOL) and that's all that matters to me.

Ok, what's your ideal outfit?


  1. Slouchy and comfortable describes my wardrobe, too! What's not to like? I am old enough now to not really care what other people think. I just want to be comfortable and look somewhat presentable.

  2. Terri- Right?! That's one of the nicest things about getting older- not caring what anyone thinks about our clothing choices.

  3. I am definitely a jeans and blouse person. I don't like getting dressed up at all!

  4. Debby- Me neither. Dressing up is so overrated. :)

  5. I have a jeans wardrobe! There's my working-in-the-yard jeans, my faded but still okay jeans, my new jeans (with a touch of spandex for comfort), my almost-too-icky-to-wear jeans, and my formal jeans (black). Oh, and there's that extra special white pair that can only be worn once before they have to be washed. Yep, I'm a jeans girl too!

  6. I also like to be comfortable, and would spend all day in my pajamas if I could. There are so many varieties of stretch jeans that stretch with you. They're very comfortable, and I'll bet you'd like them as much as I do.


  7. I'm a slouchy, comfortable kind of girl, too. Nothing but elastic waist pants, and I prefer knit tops, too... House dresses are my absolute favorite, but that's out of necessity, most of the time, since I still have chronic yeast issues :(

  8. You are so right about clothes and accessories. I care about my appearance, but don't obsess. Jeans and tee-shirt are my go-to "outfit" and I love fall and winter so I can switch over to sweatshirt and jeans.

  9. Ever since I retired...jeans (long, capris, shorts) and...whatever is appropriate on top. However, I do like to have my purse and shoes match...:)JP

  10. The things my grandpa, who was a lumberjack up in the northwoods for a while, would make you reconsider marrying a lumberjack. LOL (or being one).


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