Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bucket List Amendment

The 10th suggestion from Oprah's site is: My Favorite Failure. I have something for this one but I'm not sure that everyone who reads this blog is going to want to hear it. Let me just say that my favorite failure taught me that you should NEVER settle when it comes to relationships. NEVER.

That being said, I'll skip the details and move right on to the last suggestion.

Here's the final suggestion from Oprah's site that every woman should write down:

An Amendment to the Bucket List.

This is a hard one because, I don't have a bucket list.

There are things I'd like to do/see and I'd like to see them before I die because, let's face, after that I won't be seeing anything. But none of these is on a bucket list of things I 'must' do before that dreaded day arrives.

So, IF I had a bucket list, here are 10 things that would probably be on it:

1. Write a book or more AND have it/them published.
2. Live on the coast of Maine in a sweet little cottage.
3. Rescue all the animals in the world from wrong-doers.
4. Rescue all the children in the world from wrong-doers and hunger.
5. Simplify my life in possessions, deeds and people.
6. Visit Alaska.
7. Check out Vancouver.
8. Take beautiful photographs of everything.
9. See world peace.
10. Learn a foreign language.

I know that #s 3, 4 and 9 are a bit GINORMOUS and, in all likelihood, won't happen. But y'all know me and one thing I never lose is HOPE. So I included those on the list. :)

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what's on it?


  1. peace. You are a candidate for a beauty queen pagent! One thing on my list is to be a "Merry Widow". Not that I'm looking to be a widow, but when it happens, and statistically it usually does, I don't want to spend the rest of my life weeping and wailing! Ha!

    1. Ha! I thought about that but it is just something I would LOVE to see happen. I would love to be a widow. LOL

  2. I'm not quite as ambitious as world peace LOL, but I do hope to help others find real peace in their lives. Right now my bucket list (which I've never made) would be to have our roof replaced, barn repaired, hardwood put in our upstairs, porch finished, and then move on to visiting every cathedral and castle in England and Wales, and visit Tuscany with our daughter.

    1. Now that's a nice list. If I thought there was any chance of getting anything done that needs doing around this house, I would have put it on the list. But world peace stands a better chance than that. LOL

  3. Nr. 6 and 7 you could do in one trip. We should do a blogger Alaskan cruise! Wouldn't that be fun!! I don't have a bucket list either but one item that would be on there, would be to see Italy.

    1. Oh! What a wonderful idea!!! I would love that!

  4. I like your list and would love to live in that small cottage in Maine on the coast. I only have a bucket list in my head but I hope to get things on paper soon. I actually have a bucket list booklet that I won but haven't filled it out yet. Hope you can do the things on your list!


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