Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What a Wonderful Hodgepodge

Hello Wednesday- Hello Hodgepodge! Only two more days and then we have the entire week of Thanksgiving off! Can I tell y'all how excited I am????? Or can y'all guess? Ha!

Let's get on to the Hodgepodge!

1. What's something you take for granted, that when you stop and think about it you feel truly grateful for? Heat, a roof over my head, running water...the basics that some do not have. I think about this a lot when the weather gets really cold, like now. We've actually been in the 20s and that makes me snuggle down in my bed and then I think of those who can't do that and I become greatly appreciative that I do. Of course, I then lie awake and worry about those who are not snuggly warm. 

2. The color brown-love it or no? What's your favorite shade of brown? Most loved something in your home or closet in a shade of brown? I do love it. I don't have a favorite shade because it all depends on what we're talking about- clothing, shoes, furniture, etc. The most loved item in my home that is brown is a toss up between my greatgrandmother's sideboard and my grandmother's cedar chest. I love them both. 

3. What's something you're looking forward to today? The end of it when I am home and enjoying my sweet pup. 

4. The word 'feminism' is not new, but it has been generating all kinds of headlines in recent days and months. What do you think/feel when you hear the word? If you're a woman, do you want to be described as a feminist? Why or why not? I don't mind at all being referred to as a feminist because, to me, it simply means that I think for myself, make my own decisions. That I can stand on my own two feet. To say that I am grateful to my sisters before me who fought through more torture/heartache/ridicule than any of us will ever know is a HUGE understatement. I would never have been one of those women who sat by waiting to be told what to do. It just isn't in me. I hope that I would have stood tall and fought right along side them. I stand now for any injustices against my gender and, while we are so much further along than ever before, there are still walls to crush. As a mother of four daughters, I have spent a lifetime teaching feminism by example. There is nothing rude or angry or misguided about feminism. It is a basic right. I'm sick of people trying to make it into something rude and ugly and trivial. And yes, I have much more to say on the subject, but I will certainly spare y'all further spouting. 

5. What's something you personally can't eat without making a mess? Well, if I am wearing a white shirt, everything. No matter what I'm eating, if I'm wearing white, I make a mess and ruin the shirt. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of is watermelon. 

6. When did you last surprise someone with a little gift or when were you last surprised by someone with a little gift? What was it? I surprised a friend with one of the birdfeeders I made from the chicken feeders and Mason jars. 

7. Share a favorite quote, saying, song lyric or scripture relating to gratitude. Not sure who said it but: There is always something for which to be grateful. And then, this song:

8.  Insert your own random thought here. We're busybusybusy at school! The kids are cranking out some amazing work in the lab. Here's a couple of shots of what the first (the top row--sentences and clip art) and second (bottom row- WordArt and poem inside a text box) graders have learned to do in MS Word--WordArt, clip art, inserting text boxes, typing sentences and poems, changing font style and size...! There are somewhere around 200 of them. Impressive, aren't they? 

I can't begin to tell y'all how proud those kids are. And, maybe, their computer teacher is proud as well. :)

Have a great rest of the week, y'all! 


  1. Hooray for the week off.....enjoy! From what I have read today I think you and I are the only ones who don't mind being called feminists! All I was thinking about was equal rights. Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World is my favorite song. I want it sung at my funeral. Years ago I use to daydream about putting a video of pictures together to that song from my life. Now I have the capability with my computer and have done nothing.

  2. You and your kids have every right to be proud!! Another good Hodgepodge!! Love that song by Louis Armstrong!

  3. That Louis Armstrong song always makes me a little teary eyed. It's the lyrics, but also the tune and his voice so full of meaning. I hope you enjoy your week off and your cooler temps. It was 11 degrees when I went to the gym yesterday, highs all week in the upper 20's so bitterly cold. But it is beautiful. Almost all the leaves have fallen and I love the crisp clear air this time of year, and how the woods feel like they're getting ready for a rest.

  4. great song pick. What a variety of questions this week. The two serious ones, #1, #4, are good ones to answer. When I take the time, I'm very grateful for many things. I'm not sure if many would agree but a male feminist is possible and probably thought of differently. Freedom and choice are values everyone no matter what their gender should have.

  5. Love that Louis Armstrong song! Great job by your kids! I am thankful with you for the same things. We are truly blessed by having them. Enjoy your week!


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