Sunday, November 23, 2014

When Hope Is Lost

Have you lost faith in humanity? Did your hope for the future take a fast train out of town? Can't think of anything other than your family for whom to be grateful? Then this story will turn you around.

This is one example of why, when I lose everything else, I do not lose hope. No matter what, it seems that there is a glimmer of hope. And this story is a prime example.

The guys in this picture are world changers. They care. They do instead of talk.

They don't look like world changers, do they? They don't resemble superheroes either. But they are. They're just a couple of regular guys. Who made ALL the difference in the lives of 16 assisted living residents.

When the workers in an assisted living home in California quit because they stopped getting paid, the residents were left to fend for themselves. All except for these two. They stayed. They cooked and cared. They gave meds and kept watch. They stayed 24/7 WITHOUT PAY because, "If we left, they wouldn't have nobody."

I don't know these men. I don't have relatives in California. But I am grateful for the unassuming pair. I think that what they did carries way more weight than meets the eye.

I mean, who cares more about people than money these days? Who gives their time, effort and energy into caring instead of throwing money at a problem? Who reaches out to lend a hand to those in need instead of judging them for that situation? Who steps in and makes a difference instead of complaining about what happened to put people in a bad situation?

I don't know anyone, personally, who does. But these two guys- they did it. Will their unconditional giving of their time be repaid? I doubt it. Will their compassion for those in need be motivational? I hope so.

I'm always thankful for the lovelies. Every, Single, Day. So, this year, during the holiday season, I'm going express my gratitude for people like these two in the hopes that, one day, there will be so many out there like them that being grateful for this level of compassion is a daily expression.

Just click the picture to read and hear the whole story.


  1. What a wonderful story! Heroes.

  2. I read about them, maybe on Facebook. Amazing story and amazing men! I agree with you!

  3. It also goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover. There is hope for us yet!

  4. This story should make the rounds in the news, but I sure didn't hear anything about it. Thanks for sharing :)


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