Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Took A Little Quiz

It's an easy one and it comes with a 21 day challenge and I found it at Commit To You 2015. After taking the quiz, you get your mantra for 2015. So, I took it and I got my mantra.

Yes, I really did. I have such lows sometimes and I have such a difficult time adjusting when the holidays are over that I am making a conscious effort to keep my happy holiday spirit going throughout 2015.(I can't even believe I'm writing 2015. Wow.)

Anyway, my mantra for 2015, as it turns out, is, "You've Got This!" And I find it apropos. I've got this. I can do this. I can keep that happy holiday spirit and lost that weight and be fit and be happy even in a situation that is as far from happy as I hope I ever get.

I know, for a sealed deal fact, that I CAN do everything I need/want to do in order to achieve these things. The real question is-- WILL I?

Nothing else has worked for me in this but I wonder if the desire to be happy runs so strong and deep at this point in time that it will be just what I need to spur me towards success.

I do not make New Year's resolutions. That's not what this is even though the challenge begins on January 1st. It's just a nice little 21 day challenge to see if I really do HAVE THIS, this time.

THIS, we shall see.

It will be the first time I've given it a truly concerted effort.

Have you taken the quiz? Or do you already know your mantra for 2015? OR, are you more of a resolution maker?


  1. Well, I took the quiz and my mantra is "I let go." I don't make resolutions anymore, either!! Here's to a bright, happy and prosperous new year for us all!!

  2. Fantastic mantra for the New Year! I got " I am here" but I'm not sure how I feel about that one yet. Happy New Year!

    1. I am, what do I do with myself? LOL You'll figure it out. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Hi! New to your blog; found you from Julie, I think. :)

    Great mantra! I took the test and got "I am open", and I was floored. It couldn't have been a more perfect choice!

    Happy New Year, and I'll be bookmarking your blog. :)

    1. I'm so glad you found me! I've just been to your blog and I am so excited to be reading over there! Thank you so much!

  4. Mine came out I AM HERE! I like yours and I know you can do whatever you set your mind too and I'm with you on your question....Will I! I don't make resolutions because I usually don't follow them. I just want to be happy, to stop worrying and become a better me....the me I use to be. I don't know where she is but I want to find her this year.

    1. Yes, that IS the question of the hour. Every hour- of every day. LOL I found me in the mountains this week. I know it's time (past time) for a change. Well, several changes. And I intend on making them. :)


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