Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hate Will Not Win

I cannot watch the news without seeing footage showing hate on people's faces. Sadly, it's just not possible. It's also a sad commentary on where people are these days. I'm not sure when people put what they want above their fellow man but I know we're there.

The world is filled with interconnectivity. Not one thing happens without that ripple effect. While hate filled actions are felt worlwide, it is past time for hate's opposite, love, to become the immediate reaction to hate-filled actions. We're thankful that love has been the reaction in our city.

Reacting in love makes a difference. It gives hope and shows a strength that far outweighs the cowardice of hate. 

And yet, there are people out there who try their utmost to stir up dissention. People who want to make hate-filled actions a platform for their own agendas. Politicians, activists, media (and I am not including our local media this time, they have been wonderful)...

These are the people that make me angry. They seem to dislike the Charleston response to the coldblooded murder of nine people in a church following bible study that occured here a little over one week ago. Instead of joining in our communiy's reaction, these people would rather see us rioting, yelling obscenities, beating each other up...or so it seems. I have no idea why else they would try to stir the pot.

What the hell is wrong with people? How did so many become so filled with hate and self-loathing that they don't want anyone else finding peace and sharing love?

Regardless, the focus here has remained on the families. The funerals have begun and there are more to come. Friday, President Obama eulogized Reverend Pinckney and it was perfect. I did not find him politically motivated, and I very much appreciated and agree with his statements as did the majority from whom I have heard and read comments.

And here is all I have to say about the flag issue:

On the other hand, we have the governor of our state who seems always to be politically motivated (and yes, I do believe that the motivation behind the actions is important.) Regardless of how, though, I will not be at all sorry to see the confederate flag gone from the state house grounds. I'm one of those people who believe that particular flag to be a symbol of hate and racism among other things. And, also yes, I have lived in SC my entire life and have always felt this way. Even from the time (eons ago)  I was a young girl. I have never appreciated or trusted those who put their loyalty behind the confederate flag. And now, it appears, some of them still put the flag and their own agenda regardless of any negatives that agenda supports and hate-filled actions that agenda motivates. But, to those who support the flag, let me suggest that you start explaining it to the children in the photos below.

Of course, there are these types of individuals on both sides of an issue no matter what the issue is. No matter what, there are simply going to be idiots in the world.

Just to be clear, no matter where you stand, hate will not win in Charleston. Neither will political agendas or journalists/anchors who act as instigators.

From a friend's Facebook page
From  Her's is the only opinion I care about as far as her husband's eulogy. Her face tells me all I need to know. 


  1. Overcome evil with good. You are right. People would rather stir up dissension and strife. I am tired too of seeing headlines every day of hateful news and hate filled faces. Usually, I see the confederate flag on a pick up truck and when I do, I just sense that rebel spirit. Rebellious. Why stir up the past? Let's be the United States again. United.

  2. It's a long process but, I believe, so worth it in the end. Yes- United we stand, divided we fall. The arguing has gotten way out of hand. To the point that all people do is argue. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I am so proud of the people of Charleston. You are a symbol of love over hate and the world needs to see it.

    1. I can honestly say that this is a time that I am proud to live here. :)

  4. No we can't let hate win, I don't understand how someone can hate another person so much, I don't it isn't in me

    1. I don't get it either. And, I'm glad I don't. How can anyone know happiness when they're so full of hate?

  5. The people Charleston have acted with Grace, Dignity and Unity. Under very trying circumstances, it has shown the love the community has for each other. Bless them!


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