Monday, June 29, 2015

snazzyfido is a HIT!

Some of you may have heard that I am rather fond of my little pup, Tucker.

Ok, yes, that IS an understatement. It may even qualify of the understatement of the year. But look at him. Isn't he cute? 

It's never a surprise, given my adoration for my sweet dog, that I give in to all things doggie related. So, when I saw the cute items offered by snazzyfido, I jumped right on it. I was not disappointed. 

Call me crazy, you won't be the first, but Tucker truly loves getting mail. It's right up there with his Christmas stocking and Easter basket. 

As I stated, I was not disappointed. Although Tucker was at first. Because, well, there were no treats in that package (not to worry, he did get a treat.) But there was a collapsible water bowl (great for traveling), an LED safety light (when the time changes and we have to have our morning walks in the dark, the light will be super helpful), a red seat belt tether (Ok, I use this to keep him from falling out of the car since he insists on sticking his head WAY out of the window, but hates the blow dryer go figure), AND----

The orange LED light and bowl are for Tucker's cousin (nephew? ha!), Strider. 

A new collar complete with his name and my phone number! Yes, he's microchipped and he wears his rabies tag and another tag with my name and number on it, but you can never be too safe with your fur babies. The collar is made from organic bamboo webbing and I like that very much.

And doesn't it look snazzy? (See what I did there?)

There are several different colors from which to choose and the prices CANNOT be beat! The collar was only $6.95 and it was the most expensive item I bought! I do love a sale! And those prices are still on!

They've got leashes and various types of harnesses. But we didn't need those. Well, we didn't NEED any of it but I liked it and the price was right so...

No, I'm not getting anything from for this review. I'm happy with the products and thought y'all might like something like this for your fur babies.

Oh, the water bowl? It's perfect for Tucker. He weighs ten pounds. Strider, on the other hand weighs 55 pounds. That orange water bowl we ordered for him is going to be more like a shot glass.


  1. Oh, those eyes!!!! You're right: you can't be too careful. My oldest son found his dog on the river; someone had just left him. He was microchipped (the dog, not my son!) & they traced it all the back to the manufacturer but still couldn't find the owner.

    1. Oh no! Well, at least he has a good home now!

  2. Your Tucker is adorable!! Of course, he must be spoiled - over and over and over again! It's what we are supposed to do!

    1. And he is.His full name is Tucker Spoiled Rotten Lofton. LOL

  3. Tucker, you look very handsome in your new collar!

  4. Yeah Tucker is a nice looking dog who is spoilt and loved and so lucky to be part of such a loving family

  5. Tucker is one spoiled puppy. Aren't they wonderful?

  6. Yes he is very, very cute! Love the items and that collar is awesome.


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