Monday, October 12, 2015

Ten Things About Football: The Good and the Bad

It's no secret that I am a fan of football. I'm in front of the television on Saturdays and Sundays during the season because I love the sport on the college and professional levels. When the season ends, I spend my time waiting for the next season to begin. I'm no expert on the game, I simply love it. But, why?

10 Things I LOVE about Football:
  1. It's a fantastic way to vent out your frustrations. Yelling at your team and, even more satisfactory, the refs, releases a good bit of the frustrations of the week. 
  2. It's played during my favorite time of year- the fall, and my second favorite time of the year- winter.
  3. It reminds me of times spent with my dad on Sundays watching football. 
  4. It is the subject of my Sunday evening phone conversations with my dad as we evaluate and make suggestions that are never taken by the coaches.
  5. The strategy.
  6. Playing the game. When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be a linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Much to my dad's chagrin. Not so much because of the fact that I was a girl but because he was a Washington Redskins fan. 
  7. Rivalry games. 
  8. The playful banter among our family and friends who are loyal to different teams.
  9. The game day food! Even though my diet has changed, I still enjoy 'football food.'
  10. Miraculous, spectacular plays. 
It's not all love between the best sport EVER and myself, so...

10 Things I Don't Love so much about Football
  1. I can't stay up late enough to watch the evening games. It's not easy to stay up when your alarm goes off at 5:00 AM. And, by alarm I mean, the dog.
  2. The rules are getting ridiculous. 
  3. The athletes are not what they used to be. They seem so synthetic these days. 
  4. The more rampant sense of dishonesty.
  5. That the love of money has taken over whereas once upon a time, it was love of the sport.
  6. There's not much strategy anymore. Most teams seem to run the same plays over and over and there is too much technology involved. 
  7. The arrogance of the overpaid, prima donna athletes. 
  8. Disrespectful fans.
  9. White uniforms. That's just stupid. 
  10. Half time interviews. Are you KIDDING me? Leave the coaches alone. There are teams that need to be reamed out. 
Ok, let's hear it from both sides! What do y'all love and/or hate about football?


  1. I am not a fan of football, I didn't grow up with it in the house but now that my dad is older he does watch it. My husband watching all day Saturday and Sunday, I'm already getting bored and need to find something to do on the weekends for myself! I'm glad you share this with your dad, that is awesome. I do watch a few games and I always enjoy the Superbowl!

    1. NOT a football fan? What does THAT mean? LOL I love it. My dad was just here this weekend and we enjoyed watching football and playing games both days. It was great. Yeah, the Superbowl is always fun. :)

  2. It's weird but this is the first fall that football isn't on from Thursday night until Monday night football. I miss hearing my husband yell at the Bears if they were sucking, and yelling even more if they were just about to score a touch down. What I also miss though is coming up with the football food snacks - my timehop just popped up and a year ago I made my husband corn hush puppies - I never would have thought less than two months later he'd be gone. :(

    I also wish all the awesome players from the 50s and 60s could have gotten the money that players today make - most of them had to work full time jobs off season to make ends meet.

    1. I can imagine missing that yelling and the snacks. That'll be the things I miss most when my dad is gone. I don't even want to think of it. How are you doing? I'll be over to catch up at least by the weekend. :)

    2. I am okay - still finishing up the remodel of the living room - a project that started with what I thought was just some drywall replacement, but ended up that the whole front of my house was rotten - ew! But it will all be done and put back together this weekend - I won't recognize the space, which I think is good because I won't have a memory of Tony being in this space - do you know what I mean? I couldn't hang onto his recliner and it's going to a much needed home this weekend. Hugs!

  3. I love it because Joe does. When he is happy, I am happy. If he isn't home watching football, football isn't on. I like the game okay, I understand it and the rules, etc. I was in marching band in high school and was in love with our star football player.... but I don't really care. Sorry. Growing up, my dad was not a sports fan. He and mom went to the high school games to see me march. I've learned to enjoy it and do watch the games with Joe. Same for hockey.

    1. I'm the big sports fan in our family. Though the girls are pretty big into football too. Like mother, like daughters. LOL Except for the youngest. She watches if her BF is in town. My mom is a football fan too, but it was Dad that I enjoyed watching with. Hockey? What is THAT? LOL

  4. Some of the negatives are probably why I love college football more than pro, although I love that too. I think there is still a love of the game in college, although they're getting away from that. The rules in pro ball have become hard to keep up with. We're going to a game in Neyland Stadium this year and I cannot wait!!

    1. I loved college ball when I was growing up. My aunt taught for a time at both UGA and VA Tech. Those were some great games! Now, it's all on television for me. The crowds are not as thrilling for me these days. LOL

  5. What I know abut footy you could write n the back of a postage stamp.............just saying

    1. I don't know as much as most but I do know that I enjoy it! :)

  6. I LOVE FOOTBALL. Watched it growing up with my Mom on tv and went to Tulane games with my Dad in the old Tulane Stadium before they had the Superdome! I went on to LSU and my Dad and I had a great football rivalry. Of course it helped me that by the time I made it to LSU Tulane was pretty much washed up in football and later gave up their sports program due to cheating. They have since restarted athletic program. Now I know you aren't a SAINTS fan, but duh, that's my home grown! I watch CAROLINA and pull for them as long as they are not playing my boys. I think we DO share a very strong DISLIKE oh heck I hate those Dirty Birds, the Falcons. Tee hee! I pull for UNC and NCSU and sometimes DUKE. Two of our boys went to UNC and two went to NCSU. I worked in Admissions at NCSU for a long time so it's more than just following the money trail there! I like sports of all kinds. Our daughter is rabid about football. I love that about! So, there you go...way more than you ever needed to know! xoxo

    1. I would LOVE to get together and enjoy some football with you! We would have a blast pulling against those nasty Falcons! I always went to the UGA and VA TECH games when my aunt taught at those schools for a time. We had such fun! I love UNC but will pull for Duke. Never NCSU though. LOL I'm an Ohio State fan from way back though. Which is odd since I've only ever lived in NC and SC my entire life. Go figure!


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