Friday, January 15, 2016

So, You Want to Take a Christmas Vacation

Spending Christmas in the mountains seemed like such a great idea. We weren't going to take that much, I thought. We'll make ornaments for a tree that we will cut down at a tree farm so we won't need to take mine from home. That's true. But you do have to take all the presents for 13 people and three dogs. And everyone has to take their necessaries. And then there's the food. So...

The trip up becomes something akin to a pain in the ass from the beginning.

I love the cabin in the mountains. The location is just about perfect and the views are quite lovely. But it was easier when we headed up after Christmas in 2014.

Here are a few things I discovered about vacationing the week of Christmas:

  1. It might be easier to just put your house on a trailer and haul it wherever you want to go.
  2. Check the prices at the local grocery stores. It was less expensive to do my shopping before leaving. But you'll have to buy a marine size cooler. And a truck to haul it.
  3. If you prefer a cabin in the mountains, be careful. I took the dog out for a walk on Christmas Eve, heard an odd noise and realized, quite quickly, that wildlife is great. On television. 
  4. If you sleep late on Christmas morning, your adult sisters will awaken you by banging pots outside your door. Or in your ear.
  5. Make everyone responsible for a meal and clean-up.
  6. Take those early morning walks. Some wildlife is beautiful. Like whitetail deer.
  7. Take quiet people with you. Taking someone who makes a noise  of some sort 24/7 will make you want to jump off the very mountain you enjoy viewing every day.
  8. If you do have a truck and take it, don't let anyone put anything on TOP of the tarp by insisting it will be fine. Even if it is, it will drive you batty all the way home.
  9. If the driver insists on staying in the fast lane and riding people's asses, get out and walk. Even if it's 200 miles to home.
  10. Keep your sunglasses handy. Should the sun decide to make an appearance after six straight days of cloud cover and rain, you will need them. Seriously. It will be like a vampire seeing sunlight for the first time. But appreciate the dreary, foggy days. Because you don't have to look at the steep hill you
  11. If your little pup hates riding in the car, research what you can give him to chill him out. Or call the vet.
  12. If you take soap and others do not, remove your soap from the bathroom or you won't have any either.
  13. If you find a rustic cabin that was built in 1900 and was the stage coach relay station close to your vacation cabin and that 1900 cabin is for sale, buy right then and there. Else someone will buy it right out from under you. (Sad, sad face. With tears.)
  14. If you have girly girls with you, make sure you have enough bathrooms. Good grief they take a lot of time in the bathroom.
  15. Make sure you have something on which to write or to record as you will find yourself waxing poetic whether you fancy yourself a poet or not. 
The girls and I have decided that, for Christmas this year, we will stay home. When I think of all that I had to endure on this trip, I'd rather wait until after the holiday festivities. Plus, there will be a new little girl in our midst and I would much rather spend time with her than cooking for and cleaning up after her aunties. 

After Christmas, however, we'll be back at our mountain escape. Or maybe I'll just slip away quietly. They won't notice a thing until they get hungry or have to wash a dish. Ha!

What are your thoughts on vacationing the week of Christmas?

The cabin someone bought right out from under me. 

Foggy days are great for hiding the steep hills you are walking


  1. I have few vacations.

    Glad you "enjoyed" yours.

    1. "Enjoyed" is right. LOL When I was a kid, we took vacations all the time. Once I married...well, I've had three in 30 years. Two of those, I took in the last two years and planned/paid for/everything else, all by myself. Next year we go after Christmas again. You should join us!

  2. We did it once with our girls, my husband's parents and his brother & family. It was fun, but as you said not easy. Opening presents in a small hotel room is not without some issues. But we really did have a good time and we got some good pictures of the kids. However, we never did it again while they were still home. lol

    1. That's exactly right- fun but not easy. I think we'll spend Christmas at home next year and go to the cabin for New Year's Eve.

  3. I think Christmas would be nice in a cabin but I know it would involve way too much work for me. We have been spending over 18 years in a summer cabin which I really enjoyed. You shared some great advice, thank you.

    1. It is but, the work load is crazy. It's a bit more than staying at home and it's more difficult when it's not your own kitchen. But spending time with the family and my dad and step-mom was great!

  4. I would love to spend Christmas in the woods if someone else is in charge. I just want to eat and wax poetic! We took skiing vacations at Christmas and the crowds took some of the fun out of it. Your list is terrific.

    1. Putting someone else in charge is not a bad idea at all! Thanks!

  5. Well, as lovely as a cabin in the mountains is... in my estimation, it is NOT a vacation or get-away if I still have to cook, clean, wash dishes, make beds and clean up after others. It is only a vacation if I get all my meals in a restaurant and someone else makes the bed while I am out. I can compromise on renting a house as long as I'm not cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. So that's what I think.

    1. Your point is VALID, girl! LOL Next time, I take a different family. Ha!

  6. I like being home in my space for Christmas so I'd opt for vacationing after the holiday. Being away for New Years wouldn't bother me. Your list was great. I cracked up so hard at #10. You are a riot. We will definitely need Kleenex when we get together because we'll be snorting while laughing! I can just feel it..LOL. Hugs XX


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