Monday, August 15, 2016

The Things I'll Miss the Most

Even though I've known for eight months that I would not be returning to school this year, today is the first day of school for the kiddos and I've been feeling a bit left out since the teachers went back last week. How does that happen? Oh goodness. Someone could have told me this would happen. The things that blindside us, eh? 

So, what will I miss by not coming to school every day this year?

  • Friends. I have had the privilege to work alongside some of the weirdest, nuttiest, craziest, most wonderful educators anywhere. I will miss chatting, sharing stories, venting, laughing, crying, and solving the world's problems with them. Whenever I criticize anything related to education, it's never about our school. That's always about the school district because, as far as I"m concerned, that's where most of our problems originate and thrive. Our school is full of the best people I've ever known. Innovation and creativity is encouraged. Support and encouragement was freely given on a daily basis. I am honored to be considered one of their numbers. There are a few parents that I include in this category too. Some of those loving people are getting this whole parenting thing right. 
  • The students. Oh my goodness, y'all have no idea how much I will miss those kids. Anyone who tells you that they won't miss the students when they stop teaching is a fibber. You can't help it. I had each grade level at our school for special area so I didn't even have them all day long and I am still going to miss them. There is no way to avoid getting close to students. And, in some cases, their families as well. 
  • Afternoon duty. Yep, I'm going to miss my afternoon dismissal duty. The location of my lab made a great place to corral the 4 and 5-year-olds every afternoon. They are dismissed early so teacher kiddos and the ones with older siblings came into the lab with me. This was my zen at work. No matter what kind of day it had been, those little sweet loves made it better. What a truly wonderful age. My afternoon duty also gave me the opportunity to get close with the younger kiddos of a few of our teachers. What a bunch of delightful tykes they are! I shall miss them dearly.  
  • Working with the youngest lovely! We have been a family in that school for decades! It was so much fun working there with DoodleBug. The teachers at WES were the very people who inspired her to become a teacher.  
  • My Monday/Friday Facebook posts. I had quite the following for those and we all enjoyed laughing at them. Seriously, who loves getting up on Monday after a fun weekend and having to go back to work? No one I know. And we love our jobs. But we also love the relaxation of the weekend.
And that's it, y'all. There's nothing else that I"ll miss about going to school every day. I won't miss having to rush around and get up there and being on 'go' from the moment I walk in the building. I won't miss any meetings of any kind. I won't miss trouble-makers. I won't miss morning duty. I especially will not miss going to school a full half hour earlier due to bell time changes. Yikes!    

But I will certainly miss my friends and those sweet children. I know that they are all going to have a most wonderful year filled with learning, love, and laughter! 

Today is Day 15 of the August Happiness Challenge. If you want to join in, create an icon of something that makes you happy and head over to One Gal's Musing and let her know in the comments that you're on board! That's it!  

So, today, having leisurely weekday mornings make me happy! 

What's making y'all happy today?


  1. Awe....what a great post, Pam. smiles

  2. Great post. I know you are enjoying that little baby!!

  3. After I retired I volunteered. You get to spend time with the kiddos, but don't have to deal with the other stuff.

    1. I plan on doing that in Molly's class on Tuesdays and Thursdays! How cool is that? I used to take her up there in her stroller when I volunteered in Maggie's first grade classroom. :)

  4. What a nice way to start Monday. I am glad though you have a baby to take care of now.
    Have a lovely Monday today.

    1. I'm glad too. She's just the best! I teared up just looking at her yesterday. This grandma thing is pretty cool. :)

  5. How about being a won't be full time and you still get to touch bases with your friends and the children?

    1. I told them I might get my sub card again but it's via Kelly Services now and I'm not sure I want to jump through their hoops. Plus, I figure I'll be exhausted every day once the grandlove becomes mobile. LOL

  6. I remember when my pop and my dad retired both didn't realise how much they would miss those they worked with, pop went and extended his house and dad got right into computers


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