Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Help A Sista Out

How many of y'all teach/taught, or know someone who teaches/taught? I'm from a family of educators and that tradition has continued down to the youngest lovely who teaches first grade at the same elementary school she attended. How cool is that? Very! I know. :)

Knowing those folks you do in education, how many of them made the big bucks? Yeah, I know, I almost died laughing just writing that. Because we all know that the answer is: None. When we go into education, we do not do so for the money. We do it because we believe in the importance and power of education and because we believe in and love children. It's that simple.

Did y'all know that at least 60% of teachers supplement their income just to make ends meet? Yep. They bartend, the drive Lyft/Uber, work in afterschool programs, get into sales...I have no idea where they find their energy but they do and some of them work up to 2 jobs outside of their teaching position. I'm not going to get on my soapbox about this because most of you not only have heard it but believe the same thing I do about this issue.

The point today is that I know, personally, a few teachers at our school who supplement their income and I'd like to try and help them out. The really great thing about their second jobs is, these ladies believe in their what they're doing. If you have to have a second job to supplement your income, it's a HUGE bonus if you can stand behind that job or the product.

First up is one of our super sweet and amazing kindergarten teachers, Stacey. She decided to sell LuLaRoe clothing because she loves their clothes. I don't blame her. The stuff is adorable and so comfortable! If you teach, it's professional yet allows you to get on the floor with the kiddos with no discomfort. You don't even have to worry about getting the clothes dirty as they wash up quite nicely. Of course, the clothes are perfect for many other professions as well!

That's Stacey. Isn't she the cutest? 
Several teachers at our school have jumped on the LuLaRoe fashion train. LOVE it! And them!

Our speech pathologist. She's the best around here. Probably the best in the state and beyond. And adorable in that LuLaRoe dress. 
Two of our amazing third-grade teachers looking stylish in their LuLaRoe leggings and tunics!
Stacey and Tina who is going to be a first time grandma in December! No worries, Tina, LuLaRoe washes up nicely! 
Jessie and Stacey. Both in LuLaRoe. Jessie teaches CD now but she was DoodleBug's first grade teacher at the same school! 
This is the lovely Giinny who teaches in kindergarten. There is not a sweeter person in all the world as this lady.
How stinkin' cute are these gals? The two on the left teach CD and the two on the right teach in kindergarten. So much easier to get down on the floor with comfortable clothing!

One thing I love about the teachers at school who have jobs on the side is that each of them actually stands behind the product or the company, just like they stand behind teaching and give it all they've got every single day, INCLUDING SUMMERS.

I asked Stacey what she would like people to know about LuLaRoe:

  • they offer dresses, skirts, tops, leggings, kimonos, and wraps
  • their clothing is COMFORTABLE
  • they have a wonderful range in sizes: XS-3XL
  • they have clothes for kids including leggings, tops, and dresses
  • patterns change often and only a few pieces are cut so grab what you like when you see itk (I like this because not everyone will be wearing the same thing I am)
  • items are purchased at in-home pop-ups so you can try your favorites on
  • items can also be purchased online
  • the company promotes a positive and supportive culture for women working together to make their lives and their families lives better
  • the company takes part in random acts of kindness and fundraisers
Ok, I didn't know about the company. I just thought the clothes were cute and comfortable. Perfect for teaching, an office job, a SAHM, a SAHGM (Stay At Home Grandma- I've dubbed myself this, more to come about it in a later post), cashiers, floor workers, you name it! AND Stacey, how did I not know about the kimonos???? MUST SEE THEM! :)

Bottom line: The clothes are of good quality, comfortable, and affordable (not even kidding about this!) and suitable for just about any profession or just for running around town or watching football on the weekends. Versatility is wonderful, isn't it? AND, LuLaRoe offers employment opps! It's all around winning!

If you click on any of the links, they should send you to Stacey's LuLaRoe FB page where you can ask to be added to the group. IF this doesn't work, let me know and I'll ask Stacey what I did wrong. :)

Thanks, y'all! It's nice to help a Sista out!


  1. My sisters are teachers so I understand. Our lawn guy is an art teacher. I get it! These clothes look great and I am off to explore the link. Years ago I sold Weekenders clothing and this reminds me of it. Comfy and easy care. Thanks, Pam, and good luck to Stacey and her "side business"!!

    1. I didn't realize your sisters were teachers! That's awesome! The clothes are really nice- quality, comfort, can't lose! Thank you, Terri! I know Stacey appreciates it!

  2. Pam! Thanks so much for sharing! Its crazy the amount of time, effort, and love we pour into kiddos and classrooms with not much financial compensation, but of course if we were looking for financial compensation we wouldn't be in the education business to begin with! I love teaching, and now I love making women happy and spreading love in new ways. Thanks again! Give the babe a squeeze for me ;)

    1. I know. I have been on that soapbox many times and there are many others who totally agree. Too bad none of us have the power, eh? LOL I hope this helps out! The clothes are so cute and I love the prices! I can tell how much you love teaching! So can your students! I will hug Baby M for you. Give your cuties a hug from me. :)

  3. Pam! Thanks so much for sharing! Its crazy the amount of time, effort, and love we pour into kiddos and classrooms with not much financial compensation, but of course if we were looking for financial compensation we wouldn't be in the education business to begin with! I love teaching, and now I love making women happy and spreading love in new ways. Thanks again! Give the babe a squeeze for me ;)

  4. I know many people who think teachers are on a good wage, not always the case though, and they think teachers get all this time off work but do they get paid when school is on holidays and such no work, honestly I don't know. I know they do a lot of work outside of school hours involving school children like attending school camps which they don't get paid for and sporting functions they don't get paid for either

    1. The teachers at our school are always working whether during school hours or at home preparing fun and interesting ways to teach the kiddos. Our teachers also spend a lot of their own money on supplies and materials. No one is in education for the money, that's for sure!

  5. If people really knew what teachers spend out of their own pockets throughout the year they might be shocked. I wish they'd be shocked anyway! I enjoy helping my daughter out with the buying because it's crazy! My daughter is a Beach Body coach and makes a little extra doing that. She also tutors in the summer and last summer wrote curriculum for the county which was additional dollars. This is just one of the reasons why I detest hearing professional athletes and/or celebs whine about anything at all.

    1. They surely would be! No matter how many times we discuss it, their salaries never change. I've been helping mine out too and she also does the tutoring during the summer and school year. Seriously! With all that money the athletes and celebrities make, what do they have to complain about? "Wah, I'm only making 13 million a year." Boo Hoo.

  6. Lots of cute clothes and even cuter models! This is a wonderful shout-out to the hard working teachers, and they're lucky to have such a fabulous cheerleader helping them!


    1. Thank you! I love these ladies and they truly are some hard workers. They love what they do and that means everyone wins! :)


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