Monday, September 12, 2016

She Bleeds Disney

Which means, if you've ever been to Disney World or Disneyland, her blood is quite colorful. Remember my post about the fact that teachers often supplement their income and the sweet kindergarten teacher at school who sells LuLaRoe? Well, I have another sweet teacher friend who supplements her income by doing something she loves almost as much as she loves teaching!

Judy teaches a 1st/2nd multiage class and I am not exaggerating when I say that she is a PHENOMENAL teacher. I mean off the charts! I've been in her classroom and I've had her students for special area and she's...PHENOMENAL! There is no other word.

Can you tell what Judy's second passion is?

Look closely... LOL
Even at Christmas, her theme shines through in the classroom!

That's right! If ever there was a true Disney Queen, it's Judy. There is nothing she doesn't love about Disney so what better choice to supplement her teacher's salary than becoming a booking agent for Disney cruises? Although, as much as she loves Disney, To be honest, I think Judy became an agent to share her love of all things, Disney.

Judy tells me that her love for Disney began when she started watching the Mickey Mouse Club and the Wonderful World of Disney when she was a little girl and she was only 7 when she took her first trip to Disney World. That trip was only for one day but it was enough to seal the deal for this Disney loving future teacher.

That's Judy on the left. What a cutie! 
As of this posting, Judy has been to Disney 49 times with trips 50 and 51 already planned. What did I tell y'all? She LOVES Disney.

Judy took her first Disney cruise in 2008 and will take her 9th cruise this October. She's taking her mom on a cruise for her 70th birthday! What a great gift!

Judy also enjoys cruises with her husband and daughter as well as with just her husband in tow- who knew Disney could be romantic? And, she takes mother/daughter cruises with her teenage daughter. That's right! A Disney cruise will entice a teenager to spend time with their mother! What?!

And then there are the times when the girls just need to get away and enjoy a long weekend!

LOVE these ladies!
When discussing a mother/daughter Disney trip last year, Judy's travel agent convinced her that her love for all things Disney would make her the very best at planning Disney trips for others- which Judy had been doing for some of her students' parents for years. Once the travel agent's boss realized Judy's true, deep passion for Disney, Spotted Bow was born.

What Judy would like y'all to know:
  • Spotted Bow can book anything Disney- Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney Tours, and Aulani (in Hawaii)
  • She plans each trip as if it were her own (she's not kidding about that!)
  • When children are going on the trip, she tries to make it magical with some pixie dust (that's where the teacher meets the Disney love)
  • She will do her utmost to make you travel dreams become a magical memory
  • A Disney trip will provide memories that last a lifetime
  • Her services are FREE!
  • You will get numerous options from which to choose based on your personal preferences rather than someone else's opinion
  • She will keep her eyes open for discounts and apply any that fit your reservations which will save you money!
  • She will help you figure out which days you can make Advanced Dining Reservations and Fast Pass+ selections AND HELP YOU SECURE THEM!
  • She will personalize itineraries to help maximize your park time
  • She will suggest activities on the cruise based on your personal preferences and the people with whom you are traveling
  • A Disney cruise is fantastic no matter what time of year you want to go! Don't let summer keep you away!
Text links will take y'all to the Spotted Bow website and picture links will take you to the Facebook page.

Oh and, the only thing I'll receive from these posts about teacher friends who have second jobs is the joy of getting the word out for them! They are such lovely people, amazing teachers, and true friends that I just wanted to help them out. Exposure is a good thing sometimes.


  1. Excellent!! I love what you are doing for your friends and did check out the clothing line LuLaRoe. Very cute things. Good luck to Spotted Bow!!

    1. Thank you! I love doing this! They are the sweetest ladies and I hope this helps them out in a big way. :)

  2. You are a nice friend to promote her work.

    1. She loves doing this for people and I love getting behind people who love what they do. :)

  3. I would love to visit Disneyland or Disneyworld some day

    1. Do it when it's fall or winter here. It's too hot any other time. Though Judy says it's not that hot if you take a cruise. :) But it's always fun!

  4. Wow, I love her Disney decorations. She is definitely a huge fan!!!
    I have 11 LuLaRoe Perfect T's.....

    1. She really is! And you should observe her while she's teaching- incredible! Do you really? I love their clothes.


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