Monday, September 19, 2016

I've Just Seen a Face

Hey, y'all! Let's help another amazing teacher with her 'side-job.' Jennifer and Judy (Spotted Bow) team teach the multi-age classes at school. If your kiddo can 'do' multi-age, these are the very best teachers for the job. Shoot, they're so good, I'd probably put my girls in there anyway.

Like Judy and Stacey, Jennifer has a little business outside the school and, also like those other gals, Jennifer decided to do this because she believes in the product. It is always easier to get behind something you believe in rather than doing it because you feel you 'have-to'.

Jennifer, wife for 21 years and mother of a high school junior and senior, got into Rodan+Fields during the summer of 2015 so she could get a discount on the products she used for herself (Reverse for sun damage) and her teenage son (Unblemish for acne). After she used the products and seeing the results on her skin and her son's skin, she wanted others to know about the products.

Their results? After using the products for one year, Jennifer's son is acne free and she has cleared up the discoloration of her skin and eliminated hormonal breakouts on her face.

I've heard good things about this product from many other people including Breezy! She loves using Rodan+Fields products on her face.

So, here are a few things Jennifer would like y'all to know:

  • products were created by the Doctors of Proactiv, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields who are both board-certified dermatologists
  • the company was founded in 2002 to create a line of clinically proven, dermatology-based, anti-aging products 
  • it's the #1 fastest growing skincare brand in the US over the last 5 years
  • it was the #2 premium skincare brand in the US in 2015
  • the Rodan+Fields philosophy- Multi-Med Therapy
    • The Right Ingredients + The Right Formulas + The Right Order
  • there are 4 regimen types
    • REDEFINE Regimen: Anti-aging
    • SOOTHE Regimen: Sensitive Skin
    • UNBLEMISH Regimen: Acne Prone Skin
    • REVERSE Regimen: Appearance of Sun Spots, Dullness, and Discoloration

Just click on any of the links to go to the website and, if you have questions, Jennifer would be happy to answer them for you. Just click HERE

And thanks, y'all, so very much for your support of teachers everywhere whether they are supplementing their income or not. Teaching is nothing less than a truly noble profession and I know all of them appreciate any and all help they get. Even a little 'thank-you' goes a long way with these hard-working educators. 

To Jennifer, Judy, and Stacey- I love y'all! 

Oh, and I am not receiving any compensation for posting about these lovely ladies. I am only trying to get the word out and raise some support! :) 

Have a great Monday! Wait, is that even possible? ;)


  1. I will check out the link! Thanks Pam. I believe in products when friends recommend them rather than seeing the ads and wondering if they work.

    1. Great! I'm the same way. Maggie really likes the products. I haven't used them yet because I'm so used to my usual water routine. LOL Jennifer isn't one of those who will get behind something if she doesn't believe in it. I trust her. :) Have a great Monday!


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