Friday, September 2, 2016

Who I Am Project, Part 1: Pet Peeves

I just discovered this brilliant idea this week and, even though I am 8 months behind, I'm jumping in because I love the idea. The idea is the brainchild of Dana from Kiss My List and Bev from Linkouture. And yes, you can still join in, just do what I'm going to do and get it all into the last 4 months. Ha!

I've made photo book/journals for several people in the family but never one for myself. This is a good way to begin sorting through and preserving some of the stories I think my granddaughter (and any future grandloves) would enjoy knowing, reading, sharing...

I had recently begun a post to vent about a couple of pet peeves because venting takes care of so much stress for me and the August prompt are pet peeves (or other things but I'll do those in a later post.) Now that I'm not teaching, y'all get to be the 'ventees.' Feeling lucky right about now, are ya?

Don't worry, this list is WAY shorter than it used to be. In my aging years when I am dealing with graying hair, I often vent about things that may be causing this discoloration of my hair.

Here you go:

1. Productionists. I may have made that word up, but hold on, understanding is forthcoming. These are the people who refuse to do anything in a simple, easy manner. They have to make a HUGE production out of everything where no production is needed or wanted. Thirty-minute projects turn into three-day projects not because of the project itself, but because of the HUGE production setting up for the project. The aftermath is then left for someone else to come and take down/clean up. It's no wonder these people never want to work on anything or improve anything or take on a project of any kind. It's exhausting putting on the unnecessary pre-project production. If you live with someone like this, you understand my frustration.

2. Non-conversationalists (Spew-forthers? Sheesh, these words are lighting up Grammarly like a dang Christmas tree). My meaning may not be quite the same as the dictionary meaning. Actually, I'm not even sure the word is in the dictionary. The non-conversationalist believes that a conversation means everyone and anyone is put here on earth to hear what this person has to say about his life- past and present, his future plans, his political views, social views, opinions about current events, anything and everything that pops into his head. There is no give and take or sharing of thoughts, stories, plans, ideas. There is only you listen and he talks. How does one become so self-important? It matters not to whom this person talks, it's all about him and, should he get a captive audience, God help them.

3. Junk collecting. I'm not talking about collecting collectibles, I'm talking about collecting trash. Things that everyone else in the world recognizes as trash and has thrown it out. Parts from broken anythings that sit around the house or outside for decades never needed or wanted. Unsightly and drives me NUTS.

4. Digital citizenship. Ask any student I taught at school (I was the computer teacher) what my pet peeve is and they'll tell you it's digital citizenship and internet safety. And these are elementary students. But I guarantee you they know what's what when it comes to these vitally important issues. I am working on a post or two about this that should be up soonish.

5. Improper disposal of e-waste. My students will also tell you how I feel about the improper disposal of e-waste. Please do your research before you dispose of any electronic device. I know most of you have probably heard that Good Will is a good place to take it. That is incorrect information. They send parts they don't want/need to developing countries where women and children are becoming ill and dying from the chemical break-down. Not to mention ecosystems that have been and continue to be completely destroyed. Look for certified recyclers of e-waste. I am working on a post or two about this issue as well. Stay tuned!

6. Talking on top of others. This drives me NUTS. You can witness this on the morning news shows, well, Good Morning America and The Today Show anyway. They do it all the time and this is part of the reason I won't watch them anymore (coupled with their ridiculous reporting of social and celebrity news.) Each person feels what they have to say is so much more important that they all interrupt at the same time and you get three or four people all talking at the same time. Shut. Up.

7. Rude people. Whether on the road or up close and personal. Why are y'all so angry? Get over it. And get over yourselves.

8. Unsolicited advice. Seriously, if I didn't ask you, don't feel the need to share it with me.

9. The media. When did they decide they need to take sides on the issues- social, political, etc and try to sway my opinions? Just report the facts and I'll continue to make up my own mind.

10. People who take their disagreements to social media. Newsflash: I do not care.

11. Non-doers. These are people who talk all the time about what they're going to do and NEVER DO A DARN THING. They are talkers, not doers. They'll tell you they wanted to do that stuff or they fully intended to, but they NEVER DO ANY OF IT. Drives me NUTS.

12. Promise breakers. People who say they will do something or they will be supportive of your decisions but then they don't. Yeah, those people.

13. Joy stealers. These are the ones who try and steal your joy by being negative or mean or however they decide to do it. Sometimes these people are emotional abusers. I've decided over the years that they simply cannot have my joy. I'll share it, but I won't let anyone steal it.

Ok, I'll stop there. Mostly because that's close to the end of my list (unless I start giving it too much thought.) But also, it's Lucky 13!

Since the prompt for August included pet peeves, things I love, things that scare me, things that I strongly dislike, I'll have some other posts up soon. We've got some effects of the hurricane heading our way tomorrow so what better way to spend a day of rain and wind, right? :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's so nice to have you join us, Pam, and so nice to meet you! I'm glad you're just jumping in, and this is a fun one to start with. It's kinda cathartic to list all your pet peeves, and I share quite a few with you. Right now #9 is a huge one for me - I just want the facts! And I love what you said about joy - you will share, but not let anyone steal it. That's a great mantra to have. Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe if the storm is heading your way!

    1. Thanks! I had fun with it! We are having Hermine right now. She's gusting her winds and dumping her rains but she should be gone by around 9:00 tonight. It's not bad just annoying. :) I love the project! Will there be another fun idea coming in January? :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your list, mine would be much the same:)

    1. After I got started I realized I could have gone on and on. LOL Thanks!

  3. You have such a way with words. Looking forward to those instructional posts you are working on!

    1. Thank-you! I hope to get those out soon. Other things keep happening and they get pushed back. I need to get them done and posted!


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