Friday, September 2, 2016

When the Power Goes Out BEFORE the Storm

Image result for when the power goes out memeThat's right. Our power went out BEFORE the tropical storm hit. How in the world does THAT happen? I'm sitting there thinking about how the storm probably won't be much of anything more than a bit of wind and some downpours by the time it actually hits us and, BAM! The dang power goes out. It went out and came back 4 or 5 times before settling on the out part. It's September. It's humid. It's not cool. Let your imagination run.

So what do we do when the power goes out BEFORE the storm?

1. Report said power outage to the electric company.

2. Be nice when the electric company employee says they'll get the power back up and running ASAP even when you know that means they will get it up and running when they get it up and running.
3. Go into another room and turn the light switch on and momentarily seem confused when there is no illumination- in the room or your brain. Old habits, eh?
4. Decide that this would be the perfect time to sit down at the computer and write until your computer reminds you that THERE IS NO INTERNET SERVICE because the power is out.
5. Hook your phone up to your computer and turn on the mobile hotspot feature. 
6. Appreciate the quiet. It's so quiet when the appliances in a home have been silenced. 
7. Open the back door and appreciate the sound of the wind. When the winds get over 30 mph, I am not very appreciative of the sound because it sounds like disaster is forthcoming and I won't know when or where it's going to hit. But up until that point, wind is fascinating. 
8. Notice that you don't hear any birds outside and immediately wonder if this should concern you. 
9. Bring your squirrel chasing dog inside because the winds have picked up and you are terrified that a tree limb will fall on his little head while he stalks squirrels who are still out there trying to steal bird seed even though the 
birds have gone into hiding.
10. Wonder when the freaking electric company is going to get the power back on because holy cow it's been 30 minutes already.
11. Consider whether or not your clever hashtag on Instagram earlier jinxed the power outage.
12. Get hungry, really hungry, as soon as you realize you cannot cook a darn thing and wonder where that gas camping stove is because you are really, really hungry and think they'll never get the power back up and running because now it's been 44 minutes without it.
13. Do the happy dance of joy when, after a grueling 66 minutes, the wonderful power company gets your power up and running again! 

Hope everyone affected by the storm is safe and sound and enjoyed a chuckle!


  1. Haha Pam!
    So true. I wonder why this happens. Do you know, we had this amazing power line, that in my whole life we never had but maybe 3 power outages. Then they upgraded our lines and all of that and now every time we have a breeze the power goes out? So much for progress right? I hope the storm is just wind and not some freaking Hugo. Stay safe.

    1. No, it's not even a Hugo wannabe. LOL We're having gusty winds and heavy rains but they're in the bands so they come and go. Our power doesn't go out much either so I was a bit surprised. When Hugo came through in '89 we went without power for 11 days. It was awful. At least we still had our house though!

  2. Hope you stay safe during the storm. I have a couple of book lights, I have taped extra batteries to them for a long power outage:(

    1. We're fine, thanks! Only getting gusty winds and heavy rains in the bands, which means it all comes and goes. It should be out of here by tonight. I've got extra batteries all over the house. I'm always afraid candles will cause more trouble than we need. :) Thanks!

  3. Oh my, that was funny and I can say I have experienced each point you made. However, we were without power for three days back in 2004 when Charlie, Jean and Francis all came through back-to-back. We bought a generator and haven't had to use it. Good insurance. Joe wanted to sell it and I said absolutely not!! LOL

    1. Thanks! I'm the same way about the generator. I'm convinced if it goes, the power goes and for DAYS instead of minutes. When Hugo came through, we went without power for 11 days. It was awful! Luckily, that's the only thing we had to worry about. :)

  4. We had our power go out in the night a few weeks ago. I think it was out for hours. I was able to fall back to sleep. I think it can back on about 4 in the morning because of course there were a few switches switched the wrong way by then. No storm who knows sh*t happens.
    Good thing your outage was only about an hour. I think a few areas were much worse.
    Not hearing birds - yeah that's a bad sign.

    1. Our power was out for 11 days when Hugo came barreling through here in '89. I've hated power outages ever since. Especially when it's hot out or night falls. The latter stemming from watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds. Ha!

  5. Isn't it something else when the power goes out!!! Fun read....

    1. It is! I can't stand it. Thanks! Hope you are feeling good today!


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