Thursday, October 13, 2016

22 Things I've Learned from My Granddaughter

A grandchild can teach you quite a few things about yourself and the world in her first three months of life. They remind you of things you forgot, teach you new things, give you pause for thought, and generally delight you and enhance your life more than anything else ever has.

They make you think about your own grandparents and wonder how in the world you'll ever measure up because they were the BEST grandparents in the whole wide world. You would tell anybody that when you were little and you will tell them the same thing today. Without the balled up fists, of course.

Little baby grand-loves will make you care nothing about things you used to hold as important and make you realize that you would do just about anything (except snakes or roller coasters because grandma is not stupid and Baby M is on her own if she wants to pet a snake or let a machine throw her upside down and round and round) for the little sweet loves.

Here are a few things that Baby M has either taught me or reminded me of in 3 months:
  • baby toes and ears are the cutest things in the world
  • I'm not as young as I once was
  • baby squeals of delight will melt your heart
  • baby smiles will melt your heart
  • I have patience with babies, still have little with adults
  • watching babies make their first discoveries is still fascinating
  • the little things are the things to be valued, let the big stuff go
  • naps are hugely important in life
  • time must be spent wisely because it's the only thing that whizzes by faster than the speed of light
  • sudden loud noises will startle a sleeping baby awake and make grandmas want to choke the offender
  • infant bouncy seats are live savers
  • babies make lovely table centerpieces
  • dirty diapers stink, sometimes enough to make you pretend you can't get to it right away and ask someone else to do it
  • trashcans containing dirty diapers cannot be taken outside fast enough
  • all the 'old-wives-tales' will flood back into your head and make you say really silly things like cats will suck the breath out of a baby, with total conviction
  • apps that play sounds to soothe a baby are won. der. ful. and we should have had these back in the day
  • a napping baby only sleeps when you have nothing else to do but watch her sleep. If you move for a millisecond, said baby awakens. 
  • babies do come straight from heaven, without a doubt. There's no other explanation for their cuteness. 
  • babies make you feel real, pure joy
  • fussy babies can be handed right back to their parents
  • baby pouty faces are adorable
  • babies who sound really pitiful when they cry will cause you to cry too
Baby M has also shown me that my daughter is a wonderful mother and her husband is a wonderful father. Although, my SIL is already doomed as this little darlin' has stolen his heart forever. It's gone, y'all. She'll never do wrong in her daddy's eyes. And his heart will break the first time she talks back to him in an angry tone. Or tells him she doesn't like the color orange. Or tigers. Her mom might take it more in stride but she'll still put her foot down at gamecocks or garnet and black. But these two are a remarkable team and already seem to have this parenting thing down.

What did your grands teach you in the first three months? Or, if you're not there just yet, what have babies taught you?

Peace, Peeps!


  1. Well, I am envious because I missed out on all the baby stuff. I never had a baby - my guys were already 16 and 20 when they came into my life. Our grands lived 1,400 miles away. We saw them twice a year until they were old enough to get on a plane and come down for two weeks in the summers. I treasure those times, but they were already "grown up" to age 7 or so. On the other hand, no dirty diapers or smelly trash cans..... but I do know I missed a very special time.

    1. Maybe but I bet you've influenced a lot of young people in such a positive way in your life time and that's so important. And you can be Grandma Terri to Baby M! :) I had forgotten about the smell that comes with diapers. I could do without those. LOL

  2. Congratulations Pam on being a new grandmother AND on being our Friend of the Week at Create With Joy! :-) I enjoyed visiting ALL of your blogs (wow!) and I featured both Empty Nest and Grinding My Grits ! Have an amazing week and thanks for being a part of my creative blogging community! :-)

    1. OMGosh! I was so excited when I first saw this that I went right over and read your WAY TOO GENEROUS but very much appreciated comments about Empty Nest and the Grits. I enjoyed linking up and reading some new-to-me bloggers. There are a lot of really talented bloggers over there! Thank you so much!

  3. I love your list. I have to agree with all of them. I think what I learned is Face Time is what saves my life, but oh do I miss the faces and ears and necks and toes and just rocking babies.
    But my favorite part is the parents who go to their own home. I get to sleep through the night. That is so awesome. :) I am so glad you have learned so much already. I love reading your lists.

    1. YES! If I didn't get to sleep through the night, there would be trouble. With a capital T. LOL I'm having such a good time but I am so TIRED. What was I thinking??? :) Thank you, Kim!

  4. Since our youngest grandson is five now, I am missing the things you listed. They are all a joy. I never got tired of kissing those little toes, pressing my face up against their soft little face, and the sweet, slobbery kisses. I didn't even mind the dirty diapers. It is all only a memory now and they went by too quickly.

    1. I know this time is going by too quickly. It seems her mommy and aunties were little just a minute ago and I miss those days. But it is nice that the cycle of fun and love continues with this little one. It tells me that hope is still alive. :) Thank you!

  5. Since I'm a new grandmother, too, I LOVED your list!!

  6. So glad you're enjoying grandmother-hood! I like your list, especially the bit about naps : ) Have a great weekend!

    1. It's fantastic! I read your post about 'home' yesterday but didn't comment yet. I LOVED it. You have such a way with words! You have a great weekend too!

  7. They are a very precious gift from God!

  8. Yes yes yes I do so agree with these things babies are precious and make me smile and feel happy when around them

    1. They really are! But keeping up at my age is a different story. LOL Thank you!


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