Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to Entertain a 4 Month Old

One thing I've learned, and I learned it fast, from providing daycare for Baby M is, even though I have a MS in Early Childhood Development, I have forgotten just about everything. Ha! Now that Baby M is 4 months old and not sleeping most of the day but not yet mobile, what in the world do I do with her? Because seriously, THIS KID DOES NOT SLEEP.

Here's my TOP TEN on the short list:
  1. Take more walks. Because Baby M loves going outside and walking and grandma could use more activities that make her get off her rear. Now that the fall temps have defeated those horrid summer ones, we can do this. 
  2. Tummy time. Except that Baby M has been having tummy time for many weeks already and she gets bored with that pretty quickly. She has been turning over now so maybe that will help entertain her little stinker self.
  3. Sitting up. This is what Baby M seems to want to do RIGHT NOW even though she's just not developmentally ready. Her mind is far ahead of what she can physically do right now. This is frustrating to both of us. So we sit in about a million different ways until she's bored with that. 
  4. Crib time. Baby M LOVES her crib time whether you stand there and talk to her or just leave her for a bit. She enjoys her alone time too. But I feel bad that she's not being entertained or held and...well, y'all know.
  5. Bouncy seat. Never mind. She's no longer entertained by this thing.
  6. Put ballet on the television. Yes, I do this. We sit together and enjoy the ballet and, BONUS, it usually sends Baby M drifting off to dreamland.
  7. Put Raffi (or baby videos) on television. Yes, I do this too. It holds her attention for about 20 minutes. I think this lasts so long because she's trying to figure out what that sound is coming out of Grandma's mouth when she sings along. 
  8. Hold Baby M and kiss her all over her face and blow raspberries on her tummy. Yep, she loves this. For about 10 minutes. When those 10 minutes are up, switch to talking to her and blowing those raspberries on her fingers. She will squeal with delight. For about 10 minutes. 
  9. Get one of those baby floor mat gyms and hope for the best. 
  10. Get a dog. Baby M is entertained by Tucker and I am constantly trying to get him to just walk back and forth across the floor. He is convinced I have lost my mind. 
Always, when all else fails and you know exhaustion is going to be the reason for your death because you are GRANDMA and old-ish: this phase doesn't last forever. :)

I know there are so many things to do with babies but we need some good advice for those grandparents out there who don't have the energy or stamina we did when we had our babies. By the time I've gone through my TOP TEN list up there, it's only 9:00 in the morning. She gets here at 7:30. 

Baby M loves to sit in front of the computer and she goes crazy if I pull out my phone but I have some issues with her being in front of digital devices at her age. I don't mind the television as long as I approve of what's on it and we use it for less than one hour every day. The digital age and I are at odds right now. 

What do y'all do to entertain 4 month old babies?

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  1. I'm at a loss and no help at all. Seems like you are doing a great job, but all of that in just a couple of hours?!! I'm exhausted just reading about it. But then there is that precious little girl who is absolutely adorable....

    1. I'm exhausted trying to do it. LOL She surely is adorable. I think we'll keep her. :) Thanks!

  2. This is such a nice post! Useful and cute at the same time! :)


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