Monday, December 5, 2016

What's Wrong with DIY Videos?

Y'all know the ones I'm talking about. I mean the DIY videos that pop up on your FB newsfeed. Have you ever watched one? All the way through?

I've watched a few of them because I was interested in the topic being presented. But I have yet to make it through an entire DIY video. Whether they are presented by an individual or a company, I can't stand these videos.

  • The DIY person keeps talking to the person running the video camera as if no one else is listening or seeing.
  • The DIY person keeps hesitating as if he/she doesn't really know how to do this particular project.
  • The DIY person keeps trying to get his/her thoughts together resulting in long, uncomfortable pauses.
  • The DIY person constantly repeats things like um, uh, well, or some other thing that means, "I have no idea what to say or do next."
  • The DIY person makes it crystal clear that he/she is unprepared for the video.
  • When a question pops up on their feed, the DIY person stops everything to answer the question even though there is no reason to stop. Why can't they keep working while they work?
  • A thought pops into their head about how something else could be used but they didn't use it and then they tell why. And they stop working while they go off on this tangent. UGH. 
  • The videos are too long because of all of the above.
There have been several DIY videos from Hometalk but I have yet to make myself stick with it to the bitter end. It's too grueling. Too painful. 

I much prefer the fast pace (without the incessant babble) of the videos put out in cyberspace by Tasty, or 12 Tomatoes. Hometalk does offer some fast videos with silent DIYers. I'm thinking they need to forget about the LIVE videos and stick with the quickies. 

EDIT: Here's one SILExtraordinare sent me. I'm dying!

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  1. You have been busy making new tiles! Wow! I agree with you on DIY videos. 12 Tomatoes is one of the best. FAST!! I agree!

    1. I love the fast ones, too. Wouldn't it be nice if it only took that amount of time to actually cook something? LOL Thanks!

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  3. Well Pam, I honestly have never seen any of these DIY videos! All I seem to get are the cookery ones, or household hints, and they are certainly fast and to the point!

    1. You haven't missed a thing! Stick with the fast ones that are to the point. Who needs all that other stuff? Who has the time??? LOL Thanks, Diane!

  4. You may have gather from my blog, I dislike many things on fakebook (I can't even call it by it real name anymore). This was not one of the issue. BUT I have not even noticed these live shows. Thankful the FB marketers missed me. I find all the instruction type, music type and comedy type videos on youtube. Next to blogging, youtube is at the top of my list of great internet things.

    1. I look for most of the DIY videos that interest me on YouTube as well. However, I find a lot of them have the same issues that these lives ones do. Do these people not run it through first? Do they even know what they're doing? Goodness.

  5. DIY videos make things look easy but usually the task isn't as easy as it looks

    1. Especially when it's one where the doer has no idea what she's doing. LOL


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