Monday, February 27, 2017

What Boomerang Kids Do To Your Waistline

Plain and simple: they destroy it. Yep. They move back home and do all sorts of things that annoy their parents from day one. But that's an adjustment period that you hope, with all you have, you'll survive without killing someone. Or yourself.

Not that it's all bad. Some of y'all have read my previous posts about my boomerganers. There's always more good than annoying. Even though it might not seem that way some days. But there is almost always humor to be found in the nest whether it's empty or busting at the seams. There are also some things that bother us more than others. Hence, this post.

The thing that has suffered the most is my waistline. Well, what used to be a waistline. Empty Nesters who let the kids move back into the house must remember several things:
  • We do not have the metabolism we once had.
  • We cannot sit in front of the television or with a book every day without expanding our physical selves.
  • We cannot eat fast food as often as our adult kids can without gaining multiple pounds. Like, double digit pounds.
  • We cannot put off walking or exercise of any sort and expect our waistlines to stay the same.
  • We do not need to respond in the affirmative when our kids ask if we would like anything from Nothing Bundt Cakes.
  • We do not need to respond in the affirmative when asked if we would like a milkshake.
  • When asked if we need anything while they're out, we need to say, no instead of giving them a list with chips, dip, and ice cream on said list. Or maybe wee need to forbid them to bring anything in the house from the grocery store.
Yes, my boomerang kid has ruined my waistline. And there's nothing to be done about it until she moves back out. I just hope I'm not bigger than the side of that proverbial barn before that happens. 

Has your waistline been sabotaged by a boomeranger? ;)

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  1. Trust me... I don't need them to sabotage me. I do it to myself quite well. lol

    1. As do I. However, if they're going to live here I might as well use them as an excuse. LOL Have a great day!

  2. Hell yeah I so get this been through it more times then I would like


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