Saturday, March 11, 2017

Do Pop-Ups Bother Y'all?

Of course the picture I borrowed links
to someone explaining how to add
a pop-up to your blog. Oh, the
Those pop-ups that pop-up on popular blogs, you know the ones with fifty gazillion followers, drive me nuts. I get so annoyed with them that I will stop reading and x out of the page as soon as they rear their ugly little boxy selves. For goodness sakes, I will subscribe/follow if I choose but I will NEVER do it if the page/blog has enabled pop-ups to pop-up and demand I do so.

The same thing happens on some shopping sites. I'm right in the middle of choosing an item and BAM! that dang pop-up happens and I no longer care to buy from that website. I'm already there. I'm already shopping. Why do they feel the need to PUSH?

AND, they've gotten clever on making the 'x' or 'close' more difficult to find making it more difficult to give them a quick click and continue reading or shopping should you choose to do so.

It's like the people in stores who follow you around and ask, repeatedly, if you need help. If I need help, I'll find you and ask you. I'm not new to shopping. Asking one time doesn't bother me but there is a particular store in town where they ask you about 5 times in just as many minutes. I won't even go in there anymore.

There must be a happy medium where the shoppers feel free to shop without interruption but are aware that help is nearby should they need it.

So, to the big time bloggers with the pop-ups I say: Cut it out. If I love what you write enough, I'll follow you on my own volition. I don't need you to push me.

Of course, if they used something cute like this picture, I might take a second look instead of x-ing them out right away.

There's a GIVEAWAY, y'all! Click HERE to enter! See, isn't a little blurb at the bottom of a blog post less annoying than a POP-UP in your face? :)

Or this:

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. I don't like pop-ups either. However if it's your cutie granddaughter, that's a whole different thing. 😊

    1. Hahahaha! I have to agree. :) Thank you! I hope you enjoyed those Krispy Kremes!

  2. She is so cute!! I'll enjoy her popping up just any time!!

  3. They can be bloody annoying, babies are cute but can also be annoying at times

  4. Yes pop-ups are annoying. Now those push-ups frozen dessert were great when I was a kids. I should look for those at the store.

    1. Take it from me, they're still good. I've had them in recent years when I was teaching in an elementary school. Treats for the kiddos, mind you. :)


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