Monday, March 20, 2017

How To Diminish the Signs of Aging

A lot of us realize aging is not for the weak. Goodness knows I made the discovery quickly. And I didn't like it. Although, as Dad reminds me, it's better than the alternative. Point taken and agreed upon, Dad.

Looking back, I do wish I had heeded the advice freely shared out in the world of all things cyber to take care of myself early. Sadly, I did not. I took my healthy, thin, happy self for granted. Now, I'm paying the price, though, thankfully, not to a unchangeable degree. But it would be a much easier fix had I started and STAYED WITH IT about ten years ago. Oh. Well.

I think my dissatisfaction with aging comes from my grandmother who had her hairdresser use black hair dye until Grandmother passed on at the ripe age of 90 and she used Pond's cold cream every single night. She cracked us up when she talked about preparing food for the church when they were feeding the seniors. She never thought of herself as one of their members and most of them were younger than she was. She took the food down to the church but she never stayed to eat. Grandmother was a hoot.

I've tried to diminish my signs of aging, too.

I've used the hair dye and lost and gained the weight so many times in the last 8 years I lost count. I've changed the diet and fallen back into bad habits as many times. I know what to do, but I don't do it. Am I seriously looking for that magic pill or potion to do the work for me? Maybe. And if someone like me who is miles away from being a prissy pants type gal who cares deeply about their looks, I can only imagine what those women who care to the other extreme about appearances are going through.

I tried Columbia's Probiotic Skin Care.

I did receive an invitation to try Columbia's Probiotic Skin Care cream and concentrate because it was free and I do have rough patches on the face to see if it could reverse the signs of aging on my skin. Most of y'all know I am allergic to nearly every chemical ridden thing under the sun so I figured I'd put the stuff on my face and BOOM! have an allergic reaction and that would be that. Nope.

Surprisingly, I was not allergic to it. I wasn't thrilled with putting it on morning and night (I'm not joking about not being a prissy female) and I did not love the smell but it was ok. The smell, BTW, was not bad at all. It was barely noticeable to most but to someone with my heightened sense of all things involving my senses, I noticed. It does, however, leave a film (soft and minimal though it is) on the face and I didn't love being aware of that all day long. I knew it was there.

It smoothed my rough patches immediately.

I have a few rough patches on my face these days- under my eyes near my nose, down the sides of my nose and both sides where my chin and jawbone meet the beginnings of my neck. This stuff did smooth those out almost immediately. However, it was really no different that what the soap I use from Homemade Soaps n Such does for these very same areas. (I stopped using it for the duration of the Columbia trial.) Thank you, Judy! And the Calendula Salve I use from Lovely#1''s store, Twigs and Roots!

The anti-bacterial is my favorite. I use it on my face every day. 

Lovely #1 LOVES this stuff!

I had Lovely #1 try it with me and she LOVES this stuff! She noticed a difference straight away and is all set to jump in the bandwagon. According to her, the Columbia Probiotic Skin Care products made her face smooth all over taking away any rough, dry, and oily patches. She also liked the way it took away her red splotches. She's a true fan!

Columbia didn't recommend this but I tried it on my feet. 

I don't know whether y'all know this about me or not but I am a gal who rarely wears shoes and socks are worn even less often than the shoes. It's hardly ever cold down here in the Charleston area and my feet don't like to be contained. Mostly, I'm barefoot or in flops or Keens. And I NEVER wear hose or tights. Not even to church (my grandmother just rolled over in her grave.) I don't get pedicures because I'm allergic to the stuff they use. I did it once and my nails have never recovered from the polish on my fingers or my toes. What this means is, my feet are a hot mess. Dry and cracked are the good points. Someone told me if you put face cream on your hands the age spots will fade away. So, I figured, why not try it on my feet? Well, guess what?


I tried the facial cream on my feet. Yes, I did. No, really. I did. It was FABULOUS! They're probably not going to love me for this but, seriously it was AMAZING! I put it on my feet and donned a pair of socks. When I took the socks off, my feet were so smooth! I've been using it every day. It's WONDERFUL! NOW this is JUST SOMETHING I DID. I don't see where Columbia mentions feet at all. All I'm saying is, I tried it on my feet and I was thrilled with the results.

This stuff is not inexpensive.

Now, this stuff is NOT inexpensive. There is no way I would pay this much for anything regardless of the fact that a teeny bit goes a long way. But the results on my feet would have me giving it serious consideration.

Anyway, y'all can check out COLUMBIA PROBIOTICS SKIN CARE by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Here's what they sent me to try out:

FYI: I received the products for free and the folks at Columbia would love to offer y'all a gift if you'd like to purchase either product:

"Purchase either probiotic product and receive a FREE moisturizing cream, a $38 value! Use code: ProbioticGift at checkout"

  • it does smooth rough patches
  • it does even out the color of your skin
  • it does diminish blemishes
  • it did not seem to bother my allergies (this was HUGE)
  • it is costly
  • the odor is extremely mild
If you try it, please let me know. I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences. 

How do y'all diminish the signs of aging?


  1. My feet are SO bad that I'm game for trying anything that will make them less scary to look at in sandals. Yikes. Thanks for the review, Pam!!

    1. Oh, gosh. You haven't seen bad 'til you see mine. It's all this barefoot walking I do around here. LOL This stuff is EXPENSIVE, though. Someone told me Listerine mouthwash works good. :)


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