Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What's This? Spring?

 I ask because it seems it's been spring since summer ended. Did we even get autumn? Not really. And winter never bothered to show up which means I haven't had a break from the heat and allergy effectors in TWO YEARS. But I'm not bitter. Much.

I do love fall and winter best of all but I do recognize the good in every season. Even that nasty one that brings all that oppressive heat with it.

Here you go, the bad and the good about spring. According to yours truly.

Spring. The Bad:
  1. The pollen which sends my allergies into full out misery.
  2. Hot weather which sends my mood into wanting to slap people for breathing. 
  3. The time change. I am not a fan of springing forward.
  4. There's no football. As a matter of fact, there is no good sport in spring. Except when my granddaddy was still with us and took me to Braves' games. I dropped baseball when Granddaddy passed. 
  5. The return of the humidity which makes the glasses fog up and the breathing to become labored. Humidity is just nasty. 
  6. It's too hot to continue with fall and winter recipes. 
  7. It's too hot to walk even at 5:30 AM.
  8. Any chilly mornings are followed by blistering afternoons.
  9. Changing out fall and winter clothes for spring and summer selections,
  10. Those darn lizards. 

Spring. The Good:
  1. We have a spring birthday! Lovely #1 will turn 30 soon. Though how THAT happened I do not know. We also have a spring anniversary! Baby M's mommy and daddy celebrate their4th anniversary in May. 
  2. Spring reminds me of my grandmother who LOVED spring. 
  3. The colors of spring. Bright and vibrant.
  4. The birds. Though, to be honest, I enjoy them during every season.
  5. Some days are so nice I can leave the back door open for Tucker to go in and out without having to get up and down 500 gazillion times.
  6. Little baby anythings that are born during this time. Ducks come to mind.
  7. Beginning the spring garden.
  8. It's more fun to eat cake in springtime. And the pastel icing is pretty.
  9. Kids love spring. It makes them happy. I enjoy watching kids be happy. Do you remember how that kind of happy felt?
  10. It's the beginning of cooking out season. We do enjoy a good cookout around here! 

What's on your good and bad list of spring?


  1. Bad...pollen! Good...no humidity yet!!

    1. It seems the humidity never leaves up here until winter. Which we didn't have. Did I mention that already? LOL

  2. Those darn lizards - you mean those cute little ones whose tail will break off if you try to grab one? I wish we had them up here. I'll trade a chipmunk for a lizard.

    1. Cute? Not hardly. I mean, they're ok as long as they don't get on me, near me, or in my house. Otherwise, they must go. I never get the man to kill them, but I do ask him to relocate them. Chipmunks are cute, though. Unless they mess up your house in which case, no thanks. :)


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