Friday, April 21, 2017

Stinker Face

Because, why not?

Y'all, this kid is going to be one year old in a little less than 3 months. She is ALWAYS busy. ALWAYS. I think she's even busy in her sleep.

She's also clever. We couldn't figure out why this toy had a button. She did. She pushes it on and off any time she wants to. We have yet to be able to turn it on or off.

You can certainly see the stinker in her eyes in this next one. And that little grin? That comes from my granddaddy and Baby M's mommy.

Her auntie and I decided to try and have a photo shoot but you can't get Baby M to be still EVER so here's what we got---

Never once did she look at the camera. And she was still enough for two whole pictures. Still cute though.

So we decided to follow her around and snap whatever we could. The faces of Baby M:

No photo shoot would be complete without a shot of pants on the baby. When you don't sit still long enough for people to put your pants back on after a diaper change, the people do the best they can. I'm going to put together a book one day called, Pants on the Baby filled with all the pictures we have of Baby M 'wearing' her pants in all sorts of ways. 😄

She's 9 months old, y'all and she is my heart.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. She is so adorable! I love all her expressions. I bet she's a real live-wire. I so enjoy watching her growing up in your pictures. Plus since she's a couple months older than my grandson, I get to see what is going to be coming up with him soon.

    1. Live-wire is putting it mildly. She's all over the place! Can't wait to see pictures of your weekend! I know he's grown so much!

  2. So you! She's adorable. I love these pics!!

  3. Isn't it fun being a grandma?!!!! She is adorable in all the photos you caught. Time is going much too fast.

  4. Must be an adult-proof button! She is a real charmer, that baby M. Busy little girl!

    1. It must be. Maggie and I try and try but we cannot turn it on or off. Marcy touches it and the button works. Not to mention she's the one who figured the whole thing out. It's a sad day when a 9 month old is smarter than you and your oldest daughter. LOL Have a wonderful weekend!


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