Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Comforts of Aging

Wait a minute. Are there any comforts in the aging process? Don't ask me in the mornings when I am waking up and immediately after being grateful for another day on the planet even though the future of said planet is questionable I take inventory. It's a rare morning something is not reminding me I am no longer in the spring chicken category be it an ankle or an entire leg, the hip or the lower back, my neck... Something is there to remind me to put my feet on the floor with caution. Is anyone else out there the least bit concerned they will lose their balance when getting up to use the bathroom in the wee hours (the WEE hours do take on a more literal meaning these days) fall and break a bone? Sheesh, why is this an issue? I'm not even in my 60s yet. Isn't that a 90-something issue?

When one suffers from fibromyalgia, the aches and pains that have always been there are now keeping company with the added aches and pains of aging. I don't find this comforting. More pain? No thank you. But, I'm still alive and that I do find comforting. It's a good with the bad type situation.

So, are there any comforts to this aging process? Yes and some of them are quite liberating. I'll give Y'all my top ten.

  1. The older I get the less I give a rip what anyone thinks of me or what I do which gives me the freedom to ignore people and do my thing my way without worry. This is not only comforting but extremely liberating. Once upon a time I would look back and wonder whether or not I should have said/done whatever it was I said or did but now, I just keep on keepin' on. 
  2. I take comfort in the laughter provided to me by people of a younger generation who feel they need to read a book on everything thing and then believe themselves to be experts. Relax, Y'all. 
  3. There is comfort not only in knowing who I am but in liking who I am.
  4. There is comfort in not taking things for granted as aging provides a new appreciation for nearly all things.
  5. There is comfort in knowing I do not have to rush no matter what I am doing and if anyone expects me to do so, they can get over it. 
  6. There is comfort in not stressing to the point of over-reacting to all those things I used to think were important.
  7. There is comfort in being old enough to discern the important from the unimportant.
  8. There is comfort in being considered wise, a sage if you will even if the sought out advice you give isn't heeded. Of course, there's a bit of discomfort or confusion in this one as you're thought of this way based solely on your age not on whether or not you are actually a wise person.
  9. There is comfort in knowing you don't always have to be right. Even though I am. Ok, apparently this is for later.
  10. There is comfort in wanting less, in minimalizing your life in every way. Unless people won't let you and then you become grateful for and find comfort in making it clear that you will do this and they can be part of what you get rid of if they don't want to play along. 
Of course, the very best thing about aging that provides not only comfort but tremendous amounts of pure joy is grandchildren. Y'all knew I'd get that in somewhere, right? 

This post was inspired by Katie Motaung at Five Minute Friday

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  1. But you are so right. The best thing about aging is grandchildren!!

    1. Thanks! It really is the best. Will y'all be going to see little man soon?

  2. A great list and I agree! Of course, the grandchildren are the icing on the cake of 'aging'.

    1. Absolutely! And they arrive at just the right time. Must be a God thing. :)

  3. I always think that having a baby around makes the world just a better place.
    I do like the part about not worrying about what people think nor care. That is a big plus in my book. Nice list.

    1. I agree. Babies are the best! I like that part, too and wonder why I ever did care about it.

  4. The older I get the less I give a rats ass what others think, the other thing is that I find I love it when my daughters arrive and when they leave just as much

    1. Me, too. I've still got one living here but I think I'll enjoy watching her leave. LOL

  5. You gave me some comfort in sharing what gives you comfort in knowing! Thanks!


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