Friday, September 22, 2017

Sweet Potato/Banana Pancakes

Paleo anyone? I know I'm not on board but I do like to try different recipes so I gave this one a go. Results are mixed. I was more on the 'meh' side while Mother loved them. As a matter of fact, everyone who tried them gave them the Yum-Yum rating. I know because I heard the mmmm's while they were eating. And of course, I asked. So by mixed I mean, I wasn't totally impressed but did find them a bit more than merely edible.

That's the cookbook I used on the left. Y'all can find it just about anywhere by using our friend, Google. Do I recommend it? Not really unless you're wanting to jump on the Paleo bandwagon. There are 32 recipes in there and I'm only interested in trying 5 of them. I bought it because I only had to pay shipping and I really wanted to try these pancakes.

The recipe was easy enough to follow though I did pass on the bacon maple sauce/syrup. I thought I'd just use a little of the organic maple syrup I thought I had but didn't so I drizzled a little honey over the top of the pancakes and bananas. It worked but I bet the maple syrup is better because what else goes with pancakes besides maple syrup. Nothing. Nothing at all.

The pancakes cooked up nicely and looked liked well... pancakes. Imagine that. Ha!

They were not dry or heavy and I did like that. I was worried the batter was too runny and would spread all over the pan but it wasn't and didn't. I simply poured it out slowly onto a hot pan and they turn out like thin pancakes. Baby M's mommy wondered if we could make crepes out of the remaining batter since it is thin. I suppose we could if we pour it differently. I'll get back to Y'all on that.

Sorry about the photo quality. I used my phone camera and well, there you go.

Have Y'all tried any new recipes lately?

Oh, Happy Fall, Y'all!

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  1. I haven't tried any new recipes lately and am not excited about Paleo anything. Thanks for the review, though! We are still doing low carb here and it is working well for us. I agree with you on the maple syrup issue!!

    1. Low carb always works for me, too. Until I fall off the wagon which is often. I'm not dieting I'm just looking for some healthier options for Mother. With AFib and Type 2 Diabetes, I have to get creative. :) I did discover the batter thickens over night.

  2. Paleo - as in the first part of Paleolithic? - I see this Paleo diet stuff as a misuse of a word taken from Paleontology science. Some marketing troglodyte crawled out of his/her cave and thought "paleo" has a good sound and mental image to it. Forget Grandma's Pancake restaurant, people would rather eat at Paleo Pancake House. Hey, they could even use a cave decor. Years ago I was taken in by the "Rain Forest" restaurants. Over priced food with noisy background music.
    Oh I notice the recipe has cinnamon and baking powder - I doubt your typical ancient person had access to cinnamon and baking powder. Maybe these recipe creators used Wilma Flintstone's cook book for this.
    Rant done.
    I will say the pancakes look good and sound tasty - I would use maple syrup or my wife's blueberry sauce on them. Just don't pretend they have anything to with the Paleolithic period.

    1. I will have to assume that's right as I haven't really gotten into it very much. And while I should be on a diet, I'm not. But if I was, I'd go with the only one that works for me and that's not putting so much freaking food into my mouth. Ha! Everyone like these and they are good for Mother to eat but I'm sticking with Grandma's Pancake restaurant. LOL I'm not sure about the baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. Perhaps they'll unearth some of the recipes from that time period one day. :)


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