Saturday, October 14, 2017


Someone has a birthday today! It's a milestone birthday. Well, it's a milestone as in this is the first and only REAL time she'll turn 29 so...

DD3/Lovely 3/Birdie/Baby M's mommy came into this world a patient, happy little bit of love. And grew up to have a daughter of her own in about the same amount of time it will take Y'all to look at the pictures in this post. 

I am getting a gift for Birdie's birthday. I get to have Baby M overnight. I really did offer with unselfish intentions. Sort of. Ok, I wanted to have Baby M but I also wanted Birdie to enjoy the symphony and a full night of sleep so...

Happy Birthday, Birdie! Somebody loves YOU, it's ME!

Yes, I had a video but it won't work for some reason that I cannot figure out. Sorry, Y'all.

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