Monday, October 16, 2017

Sleepover at Grandma's

Some weekends are routine. Some are filled with busy-ness. Some are spent alone and some are spent with friends and family. Some are quiet and some are loud. Mine are spent in front of the television during football season because it's football season and I love all football- college and NFL. But this weekend was even better than that.

I spent my weekend with this little nugget. It was part of my gift to her mommy whose birthday was Saturday. That's right, she had the birthday, I got the gift.

And my goodness but she was busy. How many tissues does it take to wipe the nose on a 15-month-old? An entire box. Can Y'all hear her say, "Thank you!"?

And cute. She's just the cutest.

And busy. I mean she never stopped except for bed.

She read to me. Yes, I understood every word. Grandma's can do that.

Even when the book was upside down. The talent this kid possesses! 

We had loads of laughs.

Because this kid is full of silliness.

And that was my weekend!

How was your weekend?

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  1. My weekend was not as fun as yours!! She has such a husky voice for one so little!! Preciousness!! Hope the mommy enjoyed her birthday weekend!

    1. She does. I think it has to do with her allergies or daycare or something like that. She hasn't always had it. Anyway, I agree she is precious! Her mommy did enjoy her birthday weekend! Thanks!

  2. LOVE your post! My granddaughter (age 6) spent this past weekend with us, too, while her parents enjoyed an anniversary get-away. I definitely understand the nonstop action! One day we barely left the house, but I got 10,000+ steps on my FitBit. Aren't we lucky to have sweet little girls to enjoy?

    1. Thank you! I bet it is easy to get over 10,000 with a grand around. My Fitbit died and I have yet to replace it. I think I'm scared to see just how many I get. LOL Yes, we are super lucky! :)

  3. She is so adorable. What a fun weekend. Of course, you can understand her. That's what grandmas do.

    1. Thank you! I knew other grandmas would understand. :)

  4. Reading a book upside down - great talent and a cute one too.
    My weekend - one word rain - parts (not ours thankfully) were flooded

    1. Isn't it? :) I love rain but not flooding. Flooding takes the fun right out of rain. Glad Y'all didn't flood. We're finally getting some cool weather tomorrow! I can hardly wait to get up and feel the autumn feels.


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