Monday, November 20, 2017

Baby M Goes to Nashville

One of the things I love most about my girls is how much they love each other. I used to pray and pray about this when they were growing up. I always wanted them to be close and be able to depend on one another should the need occur. It worked because they do love each other and help each other and love spending time together. Not that they never disagree but those last about a minute and then they're gone and forgotten.

When one sister lives 8-9 hours away, it's not that easy to spend non-digital time with her so Baby M and her parents flew off to Nashville over the weekend to get some face-to-face time with NashvilleDaughter and DrummerBoy.

Apparently, Baby M was unimpressed with the flight but she had a great time once they arrived in Nashville.

Saturday morning art on Auntie's kitchen island:

Then it was off to the Adventure Science Museum--

I love interactive museums for kids!

Cutest astronaut EVER!

 Next, home for football and a nap. Well, sort of---


And a Friendsgiving feast that night- this one is just of the women/girls/baby girls:

Sunday was out and about in Nashville---

How many pictures does one take before everyone is looking at the camera when a toddler is involved?

 Four, apparently. I think they got off easy this time. Ha!

It does this mama's heart good to see her girls spending time together and enjoying it. Of course, I did get a text from NashvilleDaughter at 7:05 AM their time Saturday: Been up for an hour already...

Yeah, Sweetie. That's what happens when there's a toddler in the house. I might have responded with this:

The little family returns today and I'll have Baby M this afternoon for a couple hours. I'm sure she will recount the entire trip to me as we sit at the table and work on our CoasterDoodle creations. It's her favorite thing right now. 

Oh, what was I doing while they were gone? Hanging out with this little dude:

Red hair on the baby boy and curls on the baby girl. Now, all we need is somebody to have one with curly red hair. Grandma LOVES red hair and curls.

These babies are growing fast so Grandma needs to come up with new names for them and I think I have them picked out. Stay tuned...

Happy Monday, Y'all! Make it a good one!

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  1. You didn't mention the dimples on that boy's cheeks!! He is ADORABLE!! Nashville fun. They are both growing up so fast! Oh my goodness!!

    1. He's got them, doesn't he? They really do need to slow down. I'll be going to their college graduation before I know what happened.

  2. I love how quickly you went into super adoring Grandma mode !! Isn’t it the very best though? Like you, I love it that my girls love each other, even though they’ve lived in different Countries for quite a while now. Love it when they get to spend time together ❤️ Gorgeous photos today ❤️

    1. I never thought I would, Diane. I wasn't interested in becoming a grandma or so I thought. When the first two told me they were pregnant our whole family went nuts and I was the ring leader. LOL I can't even imagine a family where the adult kids don't get along, can you? We are truly blessed, aren't we? Thank you!

  3. Sharing, helping and enjoying each other is the best for adult siblings. I know when they would fight with each other as kids, I would wonder if they were going to grow out of it. Great pics. Those museums are always fun for me.

    1. I wondered the same thing. Thankfully, they did. :) I love the museums, too. I could spend hours there. Thanks!


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