Monday, November 13, 2017

What Do Grandchildren Teach Us?

Somewhere between parenting and grandparenting, we may lose sight of some important truths about life, relationships, and ourselves. We tend to get caught up in the busy-ness of life and let that preoccupation is the very thing that causes us to shut out these truths. Grandchildren bring them back to life and we'd do well to not forget them ever again.

I've only been a grandmother for 16 months but I have certainly learned numerous lessons as well as being reminded of those truths pushed to the wayside as life took over. I wonder if I would ever have remembered without these precious souls to remind me. Anyway, I would love to share my top ten with Y'all today.

The Top 10 Truths My Grands Have Taught Me:

  1. There truly is joy in the simple things. Really. Pure joy. All it takes for Baby M is me to dust her check with a pompom made of yarn against her cheek. Simple and yet, her reaction is pure joy and amazement and before you know we're both in the joy zone. 
  2. We are never too old to play. No matter how old you think you are or how old you feel, you are NEVER too old to play. Little kids don't care what you can or cannot do just that you interact with them in a fun and playful way. 
  3. Play is important. Play keeps things in perspective and teaches us about the other players, about communication, about interacting with others, about sharing, about trust...
  4. Nothing is better or more important than person-to-person interaction. I don't care who says different, face-to-face interaction cannot be replaced. 
  5. There are many ways to communicate. Talking is important but it's not the only way to communicate. There is play, a look, a smile, body language, eye contact, a touch.
  6. A smile can indeed melt your heart. Enough said. 
  7. Laughter is vital for life. And good hearty belly laughs are the best. Laughter is contagious and makes us feel good inside and out. We should all do it more.  
  8. The only time that matters is right now. The present moment. LIttle kids don't think about yesterday or tomorrow, they deal with right now which is something all of us should practice.  
  9. Never stop asking questions. I know we adults get tired of hearing and responding to the 5 bazillion questions little kids ask us every single day but have you ever noticed how some of those questions cause you to think before you answer? Even though Baby M's questions all sound the same, "Uh?" I still answer her. And I'm not afraid to tell her I don't know. Little kids learn so much from asking questions and we do, too. Never stop asking questions or seeking answers. 
  10. No matter what sort of voice you have, sing and sing loudly and no matter how you look, dance and dance and dance! As Pete the Cat says, "It's all good!" 
I know there are many more things we can learn from our grandchildren and I'd love to hear what Y'all have learned! 

Have a wonderful week, Y'all!

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  1. Just lovely Pam, I guess what I would add, as mine seem to growing up way to fast, enjoy every single bit. I find that each birthday they have just gets to me, especially the ones that I am not there to see growing up.
    It does keep keep me alive too. Have a lovely day.

    1. I felt that way when Marcy turned one. I was excited for her but a bit sad that her first year was already up. Yes! They do keep us going and alive, don't they? A very good reason to get up every morning with a smile. Or get up, at least. LOL Thank you, Kim!

  2. Oh Pam, these are all so great!!

  3. Hell yes I agree with you being a nanna is awesome I love all my grandchildren the same but different because they are all different being their nanna is amazing

  4. Great list. Agree with them all. I do wish older kids and adults would keep asking questions. I believe it's part of critical thinking.
    I've thought of many on your list. But honestly #6 - really touches my heart. Those smiles that they learn before talking - makes my day any day.

    1. Thank you! I agree. It amazes me how few teachers (and parents for that matter) teach critical thinking skills these days. YES! Those smiles. How blessed are we to know such joy?!

  5. My grandchildren have certainly taught me that we are never too old to play. I thought my playing days were over once my granddaughter became a teenager; however, my daughter blessed me with a grandson when my granaddaughter was 13 and here I am playing again and loving it. Thank you for sharing with The Blogging Grandmothers. I have shared on social media.


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