Monday, December 4, 2017

Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

If there is one thing I am it's a traditionalist when it comes to our family and the holidays. It's the one thing that never changes. I'm comfortable with tradition. I like tradition. I LOVE tradition. I know tradition. Tradition has all the feels and fuels a time of reflection of loved ones gone on before us. Tradition allows time for sharing sweet memories of our childhoods and those who shaped us and provides an understanding of why family traditions are important.

This is not to say I have never changed a single thing about the way we celebrate any holiday because I have. For example, I haven't had the Christmas Day sit down dinner in years and before I stopped it altogether and started having Christmas brunch instead, I switched from turkey to prime rib. The world did not end so I do realize it's fine to stray from tradition. I just prefer to keep it intact for the most part.

I was thinking about putting up the Christmas tree this year and wondered if I wanted to try something different like not bothering with a tree, I don't but I did entertain the thought.

Why did I even entertain the thought of no tree? I can't help thinking we maybe shouldn't be cutting down living trees to bring them in the house so we can watch them die. So get a live tree- we have done that many times but I now use an artificial tree (which is a break from tradition for our family). Then there's the thought there may very well come a day I have zero help putting the tree up and an alternative would be better than no tree at all. Of course, there are those with limited space or limited income or some other issue who can't put up a tree. As empty nesters some folks might have a difficult time with the traditional ways of decorating and alternative ideas might help them through the first years without having kids in the house and then the older folks who just can't physically do it anymore. Anyway,  alternative ideas are helpful if we can let go of that particular tradition.

As I tend to do when entertaining a thought, I perused the internet and found a few interesting ideas some of which I found appealing others, nope.

1. Just take a pallet and saw off the boards for a tree. This really isn't that bad. I would consider this for decoration and wouldn't be opposed to it if the day comes I'm not able to have a traditional tree. I would probably decorate it differently but it's not horrible.

2. Y'all have seen these before, right? This would only work for me if using old magazines because I can't even dogear a book much less turn it into a Christmas tree. There are many other good ideas using books as Christmas trees.

3. Ok, I know. This uses pages from books. Old books. I love the look and I actually have a couple books whose pages have come loose I could use for this idea. You could also print pages from the internet and make this one happen. I do like it.

4. Books, again? Yes. We are a family of readers and we LOVE books. Plus, Dad's mother was the librarian in her town so we also have an appreciation for treating books with respect. This seems a very good way to have a tree and use books without marring or destroying them.

5. This is a twofer. The candy cane tree is nice but I thought it appeared pink and I do not do pink. But other color candy canes could be used. I love the bookcase idea! I might do this in the nursery. Except it won't stay that was because there's a 17-month-old granddaughter and soon-to-be-crawling grandson around here.

6. I love this stick tree. It's so simple but would probably be heavy to move. Maybe it could be left out and decorated for every season? Again, there is a 17-month-old granddaughter and soon-to-be-crawling grandson around and all I can see is an accident waiting to happen. Still, pretty.

7. The old cardboard cutout. I do not usually love these but this is not bad and I saw several others that were pretty creative so, I'd consider one of these.  I'm sure Bug would have a blast with her crayons on this one. Ha!
 8. Y'all, I have no earthly idea what the heck this is. And I'm just going to say no to it but someone must like it because it was on the internet. LOL

9. Ok, I actually LOVE this idea and started the project a couple years ago but Bug arrived and this is something she would love to climb but it's not happening at my house. I have a lovely Christmas village and really would like to display it like this. When the grands are older, I'm going to do it!

10. I've not seen a lights-on-the-wall-shaped-like-a-tree I like and I'm not one for gaudy but something about this one is somewhat appealing. I think I like they put ornaments on it instead of leaving it with just the lights.

11. Ok, if anyone puts up a tree-shaped with food or money, it's not going to stick around very long in this house. So, no to this for anything other than something that is supposed to be eaten instead of staying up for decoration.

12. I do love Mason jars and this isn't a terrible idea but Mason jars are made of glass and our family is filled with clumsy adults, a 17-month-old who loves to climb up to reach things so...

13. If I ever get so lazy all I want to do is throw some pillows in a corner in the shape of a Christmas tree I hope they go ahead and put me in a home or shoot me. Seriously, if I have enough money to buy those pillow I'll just hire someone to do my decorating. However, I will give this person a high-five for creativity.

14. I'm all for considering new ideas but I cannot get my head around this one. I don't find it aesthetically appealing and I can see it falling over onto Bug and Baby R so this is not going to happen here. Plus, it looks unnatural and I don't like that.

15. When I think of decorating and then undecorating, this quickly becomes my favorite. You get the tree and the lights and that's it! The 500,000 ornaments you've collected over the years will not have to be taken out and put back. Simple! Except I can't stand leaving the ornaments in their wrappings so this won't do. But I do like the minimalist train of thought. It's pretty, too.

What about Y'all? Traditionist? Open to new ideas? Seen any clever ones out there?

Happy Monday, Y'all!

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  1. We changed our traditions by buying a 3 1/2 foot pre-lit tree. It sits on a table and is very easy to put up and put away. I love it and from the window outside, you can't really tell it's a small tree. I'm very satisfied. Most of our decorations and ornaments are still boxed in the garage. I'm okay with that too, because I can use them again some day if I want or maybe pass them on to the girls.

    1. My mother gave me and each of the girls ornaments and Christmas musicals for the last 32 years every single Christmas. You can imagine how many ornaments we have around here. I've already given the girls theirs but mine are ridiculous. I couldn't stand the thought of them staying in the attic so, the tree is up. Again. But we've got to make some decisions because it's just getting to be too much. I have a 4 1/2 foot one on the sideboard but it holds all the ornaments people bring me back from their travels. Maybe I'll give the others to the girls. That's a good idea. :)

  2. I LOVE the ladder idea to display Christmas collectibles. I don't like upside down trees. Some really nice alternatives here, Pam! I do like that last one with just lights. Hmmmm.

    1. Isn't that a good one? I'd love to do that. I don't like the upside down ones either and they sell for up to and over $1000. Sheesh. Thanks, Terri!

  3. I love tradition too just saying, I also like the look of some of these different tree ideas

    1. Tradition is my thing for sure. I liked them, too except for a couple. Not feeling it with the upside down one for sure. LOL

  4. Those are all cute ideas except for the upside down tree! I have seen that ladder before and think it is a brilliant idea.

    1. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of it either. I love that ladder one, too! I have the ladder and have prepped it for painting but no sense in trying it until the little ones are older. :)


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