Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter Decor at Grandma's House

Do Y'all ever watch HGTV or peruse blogs written by people who show their beautifully decorated homes? What about Pinterest where there are more decorating ideas than grains of sand on one tiny beach? So many ideas. So much pretty. But, Y'all probably remember I do not have a Pinterest house (and please don't get me started on 'Pinterest teachers' because I have TONS to say about them and the parents who fall for the falsehood that decorated classrooms means great teachers are inside. Dang tangents, I can never escape them.)

Everything looks so neat and clean and tidy and organized and all those good things I wish my house looked like and I do covet some of the designs and displays at least until I realized something but . These talented, creative people do not have children or grandchildren. No, they don't and I will argue this point to the death because if you have children or grandchildren you can't have gorgeous, seasonal displays and you certainly do not have the time to create these lovely things unless you have someone else raising those children for you or you never let your grandchildren in your house.

I like the ideas Carol at The Red Painted Cottage has for winter displays 
but there is no way I could use any of her ideas with the grands around. 
Everything in that basket is a ball waiting to be thrown by a child 
and chased by Tucker. 
My house looks like I have grandchildren and it looked like I had children when the lovelies were growing up. It's not a dirty house because this mama/grandma doesn't do dirty but it looks like the people who live here actually live here. You can tell we are a family of readers and are fostering future readers. You can tell the adults care more about interacting with children than worrying about cleaning up every second of the day. Our home is lived in. It is cozy. It is kid friendly. And there's a pup here who has free reign of the house.

Brett and Kelly at North Country Nest made this lovely entry display
in their home. So many breakables for the grands to knock over. 

Yes, I do enjoy looking at all the pretty decorating ideas people post or put on HGTV but I do not see how it's feasible when there are little kids around. Seriously, do they have one room in which they put these displays and not show the sign on the door to the room that reads: NO CHILDREN ALLOWED? Do they put it up just long enough to snap the picture? No, I think they simply do not have children living in or visiting their homes.

Love the filled galvenized buckets and the crate and the
Mason jars set up by Taryn at Taryn Whiteaker!
However, with the grands those pine cones are balls, the logs
would be bammed on every piece of furniture and person, the jars
knocked over and the tins dragged all over the house and filled with
whatever Bug considers a treasure on any given day. Anyway, who knew
old wash tubs would be trendy one day? I am looking for some to hold
the bazillion toys in my house. 
I had just begun to be curious about setting up a few decorative displays when the upcoming birth of Bug was announced on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. That curiosity was halted PDQ because I don't believe it's a good idea to have decorative displays when there will be children around. I want Bug and Baby R to feel comfortable at my house.

Hahahaha. NO. First, I'll be the one to break the glass under those
sweater sleeve covers because Y'all know it's going to slip right
off those containers. And WTH is the fascination with antlers?
No. Antlers belong on animals who grow antlers not in my house
as winter decor not to mention the destruction to self, others, and
home a toddler would cause with those things. The little pumpkins
are cute, though.
In the interest of full disclosure I have to admit that I have just enough of the lazy trait to not be bothered by not putting out seasonal decor. I mean, you do have to put that stuff away and take out the new stuff and set it up. That just seems like a bit too much effort for things that are going to be thrown around and broken. Can Y'all imagine saying telling a toddler not to touch something about 7 gazillion times/day? We use redirection here and it's EX. HAUST. ING. so there is no way I'm going to decorated with something that increases the number of times I have to redirect Bug. Plus, she climbs.

Again, looks great but they have zero children Did I mention
Bug likes to climb? Just use your imagination. 
Meanwhile, I hope the creative, talented types will continue to post their decorative display ideas. The kids won't be little forever and if I'm not totally exhausted I may just display something besides books and toys in my cozy little house one day.

Or maybe not.

Do Y'all have beautiful winter decor in your homes?


  1. Oh Pam, this post had me giggling all the way through! Our house is very lived in too and those are the kind of homes I am most comfortable in! Our cats are as destructive as toddlers (or worse!) so you won't find breakables or plants where cats can go - which is also everywhere. Come on in, put your feet up and relax!!

    1. Thank goodness I am not alone! LOL We had 2 cats when the girls were growing up and a big golden retriever. The house has pretty much been 'lived' in since. Haha! Thanks, Terri!

  2. No, I do not do a bunch of decorations. I used to have more, but I'm thinning out more and more. Mainly because I'm lazy and I don't like to dust it all. (Just being real!) I do have some Amish pegs that I hang stuff on and I also have a couple of shelves that I put stuff. But the less the better is becoming my motto. I do love the pictures you posted though. So pretty, but not for me either.

    1. YES! That's exactly how I feel about it- less is better. I'm also lazy and I don't care for housework so that makes it worse. LOL


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