Friday, March 9, 2018

The Oscars

Is this even news at this point? It's never really news to me as I can count the number of minutes I've ever given to the Oscars on one hand. Do I hate the movies? No, though it is a rare one that captures my attention and keeps me watching the entirety of the movie instead of stopping after 2 or 3 minutes in. Do I hate celebrities? No, but I don't hold them in any higher esteem than I do any other people at least with very few exceptions. Well, what then?

Ok, here you go, the reasons I do not watch the Oscars:

  1. Too much talking. I do not mind if they want to mention social or political topics because everyone has an opinion and there are some topics out there worthy of discussing when you have a platform but I'm not the least bit interested in any personal stories or that mile-long list of people they believe to be worthy of a thank-you. And all that NOT funny nonsense the writers have the presenters say? UGH. Give me a break although it does say something about the amazing talent of the audience who expresses their forced laughter making it seem real. Almost. It takes loads less time to read a list of winners on the Internet the next morning. 
  2. Rarely if ever do I agree on the nominee choice in the big categories. The little categories are meaningless to me as I don't know those people or anything about what they do. The big ones? I've most likely not even considered seeing the movie nor heard of the actors/actresses. If I have seen the movie, I either didn't care for it or found it to be mediocre at best. There are few actors/actresses I believe to be worthy of an award.
  3. I have rarely if ever agreed with the chosen winners. Sometimes it seems this is nothing more than a popularity contest based on how many people saw a movie or how much a movie or person was trending with the public. That's not honoring someone for great work. 
  4. I have an issue with the amount of money spent on something so trivial and this includes their ridiculous gowns. I get it. If you have money you certainly are welcome to spend it however you choose. But if you're going to stand up and spout support for social issues perhaps conforming to the glitz of Hollywood is not the best idea or maybe that's just me. And then there's the fact that most of the designers must have been on some type of mind-altering drug because who designs that in their right mind? Unless they've designed what the actress requested in which case what was the drug of choice for those actresses? Oh, creative license you say? I'll give you that but still...
All that being said, there was one movie in the line-up which peaked my interest, THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI. Why? The title and the actress. The title is interesting and I do like Francis McDormand (I had to look up her name, oops but I loved her in  and recognized her from FARGO and I loved FARGO and have watched it multiple times. Seriously. Good. Movie.)

I realize I am in the minority on this one but that doesn't change my opinion about the Oscars nor will it have an effect on the future of the Oscars. Ha! What I'd really like to know is-- 

If you do watch the Oscars, why?

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  1. I did not watch this year and have no idea who or what was in the running nor who or what won.

    1. I only know the winners of a few categories because I looked at the list the next morning. I just find the whole thing such a waste of time. And I hardly ever like the movies who win.

  2. We refuse to watch any of the awards shows because they have turned into political platforms (for idiots). I don't care and usually don't agree with the winners either. I DO love Frances McDormand and we own the DVD Fargo and have watched it many times. That movie does sound interesting and we will catch it when it hits Netflix.

    1. I don't mind the sharing of their political views but the rest of it I do mind. FARGO was fabulous, wasn't it? I'm going to catch it when it hits Netflix, too. There's no way I'm taking out a federal loan to go to the theater. LOL

  3. I haven't watched them in years. Just because I can think of so much other things to do that are more fun. I know I won't see the movies maybe, but three billboards did look very interesting to me.
    When Emilie lived at home we did have a good time mocking the dresses. Its no fun by myself now. :) I agree with your assessments.

    1. Haha! I understand. It's always more fun with a partner in crime. LOL

  4. As you might remember I mentioned watching the Oscars in a post. I find the show entertaining but I could care less about the dresses and glamour stuff. They came up with a contest this year for the shortest acceptance speech. I think it helped move things along. My daughter and I saw 3 Billboards the other day. Great movie. Even knowing the basic story line didn't help in guessing what and who was going to do something next. Keeps you guessing until the end. For people easily upset by cursing I don't recommend it. Also, the violence might disturb some. If you see it, please post about it.

    1. I do remember that. I will wait to see it until it's on Netflix or Hulu because I can't stand the behavior of other movie goers. The language probably won't bother me and I usually close my eyes when things get too violent though there have been movies I turned off because the violence was too much. I don't think I've ever turned one off because of the language. I'll let you know!


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