Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Rolling of the Eyes

Everyone does it from time to time. It's the rolling of the eyes when someone says or does something that annoys us. It seems I am annoyed multiple times on a daily basis. Ha! I will say when I do roll my eyes I try to do it 'silently.' In other words, I can be discreet in my eye rolling as I am able to do it in my mind instead of being outwardly rude to someone. I have also shared my eye roll with another person who is also in the room and just happens to be rolling their eyes as well. I have also been known to full out lose control and not only roll my eyes on purpose and in full view but with an added huff. Anyway...

Believe it or not, there's a history behind the rolling of the eyes. As far back as Shakespeare's time, the eye roll was a form of flirtation. Who knew? We didn't really begin rolling our eyes from annoyance until the 60s. Psychologists study eye-rolling and have suggested it is a form of passive-aggressive behavior in teenagers. I thought it was just a requirement during the teen years because like it or not teens are so adept at eye-rolling it seems to be an innate trait. There is even a how-to for rolling one's eyes on wikiHow. With pictures. Which made me roll my eyes. Ha!

There's no doubt humans communicate with their eyes and facial movements. It's relatively easy to tell whether someone is just a bit annoyed or annoyed to the point of wanting to smack somebody. With that in mind, I've come up with a list of things that result in the rolling of my eyes. Maybe Y'all will find some of these are on your own list of eye-rolling annoyances and hopefully one of those things is not reading blog posts about the rolling of the eyes.   

Annoyances that make me roll my eyes:

  • When someone tries to be clever and funny but they aren't clever or funny.
  • When someone answers a question by telling their life's story or just one story that takes over an hour to tell AND you've heard it a gazillion times.
  • When someone tells me the same thing for the five thousandth time. I really don't need to hear more than once that you are going to go to the store.
  • When someone has the 100th pity party in the same day.
  • Skinny people who say they are fat or need to lose weight.
  • Smug superiority.
  • People who always steer the conversation to be about them.
  • People spout something as gospel that they read from one, noncredible internet source.
  • People who believe they are always right.
  • People who believe you are entitled to THEIR opinion.
  • Starting a sentence with, "I'm not ____, but..." I'm not racist but,... Ummm, I'm thinking maybe you are racist else that thought wouldn't have even come to you.
  • Pyramid schemes- Plexus is one I see a lot.
  • Pyramid scheme 'ambassadors' who try to friend people on FB just to recruit/sell.
  • People who give you a 20 minute rundown on how they are feeling when you ask, "How are you?" Seriously, doesn't the world know we are mostly asking that to be polite not to hear their life's story? When someone has been in poor health the question does sincerely seek information otherwise, no.
  • The statement "It is what it is." 
  • One-uppers.
  • Unsolicited advice such as, "You should..." People do not like to be told what to do.
  • "No offense, but..." They're obviously about to spout something offensive.

Did Y'all roll your eyes? Did anyone notice I got through this without using the word, stupid? Hey, this is what you get when the Hodgepodge is on break and I'm bored.

Ok, what's on your list?

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  1. Oh that first one on your list, since I never see the eyes of my blog readers I'll assume I'm ok.
    Pyramid schemes - now now, you know those are not called that any more! Multi-level marketing, network marketing or referral marketing. Actually I find the word marketing more disgusting than pyramid or scheme.

    1. You're fine. I wasn't referring to anyone's blog. LOL However, knowing a dear friend who possesses your type of humor I have to wonder whether your wife tends toward the rolling of the eyes. Ha! I do know that and I agree with you about the word, marketing. No matter what name they hold they're still the same thing--a racket.

    2. My wife's eye rolls are the better responses. Ok the best response is to get a laugh so I guess an eye roll is in the middle of the possible range.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed and got a laugh!

  3. Oh my, you roll your eyes a lot!! Just joking :) And who knew that way back when that it was a form of flirtation! WOW! Rolling my eyes now ♥

    1. Haha! I really do! But I think everyone is used to it by now. :) I was surprised by it being flirtatious, too. Who finds that attractive? LOL

  4. I'm pretty sure I must roll my eyes but I think I do it a lot in my mind like you do!

    1. I feel like I roll mine multiple times, daily. Especially when the news is on. LOL

  5. I agree on these, however I'm afraid I may do a couple of them. Something I need to work on. But yep, I roll my eyes quite often.

  6. Geez, Pam, my eyes hurt from all the rolling for each item on your list! LOL Fun to read through, and I'll admit there are times that I am rolling my eyes simply in my mind. :-)

    1. Hahahaha! I'm so glad you got a laugh! This was supposed to be the post to take the place of the Hodgepodge. It was published on Tuesday because I thought Tuesday was Wednesday. I've had no idea of what day it is since. LOL

  7. I can relate to some of the items on your list, but the one that gets me every time is disapproval expressed in the form of an "innocent" question. You can tell by the tone of the voice. Is that what you're wearing? You're going out to lunch again? You get the picture.

    1. Oh, YES! That's a good one! Those people are such manipulators, aren't they? That's almost worthy of more than an eye roll...like a smack on their head. LOL


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