Friday, May 25, 2018

Life Storms

Do y'all ever feel like you're crazy or headed in that general direction? When life does that little dance that makes you feel overwhelmed? When you realize toxic people have found their way to you? When you experience a loss? When it seems stress has decided to hover over you like a helicopter mom? When there's wedding planning to be done (J/K NashvilleDaughter)? When your nest empties for the first time? One way or another, we've all been there.

Once we're through these life storms and realize we survived there is a sigh of relief and we set about relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Until the next time. And goodness knows there is always a next time.

Life storms can make us feel like we are truly losing it. Or do they? Because, in reality, it isn't the life storms making us think we're crazy it's our reaction to those storms. We are in control of our own behavior and how we react to others and to life's storms is up to us. Even when it seems we're trapped in a corner and see no way out because life is never what it seems, is it? Storms come and go. They pass. We just have to ride them out.

Do y'all have any strategies for riding out life's storms? I know of a few but I cannot say I'm very good at trying them because usually I just go straight to silent screaming. Anyway...

Strategies for dealing with life's storms:

  • Meditation/prayer: Works. Every. Time. This is one thing I know for sure works to provide a sense of calm which allows us to see our current storm more clearly and even help us remember it's just a storm and it will pass. It's also good for reminding us we are not alone and there is a higher power on our side. 
  • Walk away. Take a break and do something to take your mind off the storm or something that will keep you busy while you think about what you need to do- some mulling it over time if you will. 
  • Breathe. I'm not kidding. When I feel the frustration rise to the point of explosion I stop and take a deep breath and that brings me back to a place I can think more clearly. And yes, it took months of training myself to stop at just the right moment to take this cleansing breath. Also yes, it sometimes takes more than one breath.
  • Seek out your most objective friend and let it out. Sometimes you just need to vent other times you need help seeing the situation for what it really is. Someone who will tell you you've made a mountain out of a molehill. Someone who can help you find exactly where you went off the rails so you can find out how to get back on track.
  • My grandmother read her bible and hummed old hymns. And it worked for her. Usually, when I read my bible I just find I'm doing everything wrong but that's a topic for another day. Ha! The humming helps, too. 
  • Speaking of humming, music. Listening to music can take me away from it all. Who needs Calgon when we have music? But a nice soak in a hot tub can also work wonders. 
  • Work on your hobby. Whatever it is your hobby is something you love doing or it wouldn't be your hobby so working on it is another way to calm down and clear your mind. 
I know there are times when nothing we do seems to help us handle a storm especially one that leaves us lost or blindsides us. I know empty nesters who are in this place right now and the best thing at times like these when you just can't, you seek help. Sometimes, we just need a professional to help us out and that's ok. What's not ok is continuing to stay in the storm. 

How do y'all clear your minds during a life storm?

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  1. I do one of three things. Music. I love my Ipod! I put on my headphones and find my favorites playlist and get lost. Meditate. I have an MRI scheduled and when I have to have one I simply meditate my way to the beach of my youth. I hear the ocean waves and try to imagine the sea gulls overhead and the sun making me warm. Lastly, I have a friend, no matter what time, day or night, I know I can call her and she calms me. I am lucky!
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  2. You are lucky indeed! I need to get back to meditating because I know it works. It took me a long time to get myself where I could meditate and go to a place of peace I have no idea why I stopped. :)

  3. Some very good advice. I find prayer and reading the Bible help me. Singing (even in my head if others are around) helps a lot too.

    1. Thank you. My grandmother was the same way and the singing, too. :)

  4. All very good advice. Exercise has been the best for me. Just getting outside and walking along with the breathing and the humming. :) I also do read my Bible every day and that helps too. So I guess every thing on the list.
    I am so sorry Pam. I know you will make it though.

    1. It worked for me before but my motivation will not come back. I tend to go off the deep end before I turn to one of those. LOL

  5. Definitely YES to prayer, and also to just walk away. You have a good list here. Hugs!!

    1. Thank you! Did y'all ever dry up down there? Will the tropical storm bring more rain? We're supposed to get loads.

  6. I know exactly what you are talking about and I'm sorry your going through so many emotions right now. ((Hugs)) You are right, we do seem to make it through the storms but at some point it just gets to be too much. I like your suggestions. I've been really close to going to see someone but then things seem to calm down for awhile. However I think I do need to make the call because this time in my life just isn't sitting well with me. Wishing you all the best....

  7. There's no weather forecast for a life storm either. I think the surprising shock adds to the uneasiness. I do fine music very helpful.


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