Monday, August 13, 2018

Happy Lefty Day

To all the lefties out there. I'm one, are you?

I remember there being some things said about my left-handedness when I was a kid but nothing as harsh as history tells us. I mean, I've never been accused of being a witch or worse so there's that. Actually, I remember embracing my left-handedness early on because it set me apart from most other people around me, young and old. I liked that. I never enjoyed being part of the crowd.

It is true that the world is all set up for right-handers but it was never difficult for me to adjust. The desks at school? I simply tilted my paper or notebooks and I've never been able to write with my wrist contorted to write upside down. Right-handed scissors? I do fine with them and cannot cut a thing with scissors made for lefties. I bat right-handed, I throw baseballs and footballs right-handed, and I cannot use a mouse with my left hand. Nothing else sticks out in my mind as being bothersome or causing me to adjust myself so being a lefty wasn't stressful or difficult for me.

I love being a lefty and get so excited when I meet another one. They don't come around very often but when they do, we tend to overreact with our enthusiasm.

So, what do the 'experts' (and I use that term loosely) have to say about lefties?

  1. We have a higher risk of psychosis. Ha! I'm just going to say right now most of the people I know who suffer from any sort of psychosis favor their right hands. Ok, that's only two people but still... 
  2. We have lower rates of arthritis and ulcers. I'll take it. 
  3. We are better at divergent thinking and are drawn to careers in the arts, music, sports, and information technology. Well, I always wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys when I was a kid.
  4. We are scaredy cats. Yep, we are more affected by fear than our right-handed friends. It seems we tend to give fragmented descriptions when recalling a fearful event but that's probably because we observed that fearful event with BOTH hands over our eyes. Then again, I am one of Stephen King's biggest fans so... Ha! Seriously, I am a big scaredy cat and had to mentally get my imagination under strict control decades ago. Anyway, lefties seem to be prone to PTSD.  
  5. We are more likely to have negative emotions and a hard time processing our feelings. Ok, we're moody and have anger issues. I can't argue with this one based on what I know about myself but I also know this is true of many right-handers I know personally so there's that. 
  6. We tend to be inhibited, shy, and embarrassed. This one may very well be true. No matter how hard some of us try to come off confident, we aren't. 
  7. We like to partake of alcoholic beverages. Maybe some of us do but I am not one of them. I have never quite adjusted to the taste of alcohol. I enjoy a few choices but I do not like the way I feel while under the influence which is probably more related to my control issues than handedness unless control issues are traits of left-handers.
  8. We tend to be better at one-on-one sports. Maybe, maybe not. I LOVE sports but I am not good at playing them.
  9. We win more often when it comes to survival of the fittest. This is because most people are right-handed and perhaps thrown off when they are come at from the left or something like that. I don't know, I'm not a fighter unless it comes to verbal debates but I don't think that's a handedness thing. 
  10. We share handedness with some pretty interesting folks some I am proud to claim, others not so much. The ones I am pleased to share handedness with include: Oprah, Babe Ruth, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, Barak Obama, Aristotle, Mozart, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Issac Newton ...
  11.  We are more likely to have allergies. Holy Cow, YES! I have them and they are BAD. But everyone else I know with bad allergies is righties so I don't know about this one either. 
  12. We are less able to roll our tongues. Not only is this true of this lefty but it makes my leftie tendency towards anger flare because I've been trying to do this my whole life with zero success.
  13. We are better able to multi-task. Ok, I am good at multi-tasking but it gets increasingly hard on my brain as I age. 
  14. We tend to have higher IQs. Well, of course, we do. 😂
I don't know how much handedness really matters as I tend to believe we're all different and have our strengths and weaknesses unique to our own make-up, handedness being one of the many attributes. But being a lefty is fun and it does make for a fun blog post when you have writer's block. 

Are you a lefty?

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  1. WOW! Who knew!?!?! I am not a lefty but I know a few family that are. I can't wait to tell them that today is THEIR day! Whoop!

  2. a great post out of left field! Why do we say it that way? What about right field or center field. I thought of Barack Obama when I started reading this. Glad you included him in the list. I did hear the tongue roll thing was genetic but didn't know of a connection to left handedness. I can't think of an example but handedness shows up in physics too. Raise your left hand and repeat after me: I have two hands which to grab you by the throat if you pick on lefties.

    1. There are tons of negative phrases like that such as a left-handed compliment and many foreign words for left mean something akin to awkward and evil. Physics...LOL

  3. Nope, not a lefty. Just a plain old ordinary right-handed lady. Interesting facts about lefties!! Happy Lefty Day!


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