Friday, August 17, 2018

Grandparenting is Grand

I could get all flowery and gushy but if you're a grandparent you already know what grandparenting is like and if you aren't your time will come so why do we need all that gush that's already been spouted here and on every other blog of a grandparent? Let's just get on with the good stuff. The photos!

When school is having a break while getting ready for the new school year, my sweet granddaughter and I get to spend some time together. We were so BUSY this week.

Bug (still working out a nickname I love) turned 2 last month and her sweet cousin will be turning 1 in another week. Since Puppy (still working out his nickname, too) LOVES balls, I decided to get him a big box full of beach balls so Bug and I worked on the project this week. Well, I worked on it while she played with it. I think it'll be a bit hit! Please notice her tee-shirt. "Wild Hair, Don't Care" and she doesn't.

One of my favorite things is chocolate milk and I happened to have a glass when Bug arrived one day. 

Bug: "What's that?"
Me: "Chocolate milk."
Bug: "Have some?"
Me: "Sure! But don't tell your Mommy!"

I never got my glass of chocolate milk back. Which is fine because what grandkids want, grandmas give them. #amiright

When you want the dog to stay inside and play with you, you tell him. "Don't go outside, Tucker."

And you spend a good deal of time twirling and laughing. I think she needs one of those #twirlyskirts don't y'all?

The grandson was here over the weekend. He's been walking all over the place for a few weeks now and wow! what a difference in the amount of things he gets in to.

He loves knocking down towers I make with the big blocks.

Then again, he loves doing just about anything and yes that's a little sunburn on his little arms but that wasn't me. #justsayin #lol Hey, it matches his hair. Gosh, that #redhair, y'all!

Seriously, that boy will follow a ball anywhere or at least try to which often ends up in a self-inflicted predicament though this time he dodged the proverbial bullet.

We have the next birthday coming up Thursday and I'll be inundating the internet with pictures again next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

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  1. Those children are both so beautiful!! Wild Hair, Don't Care!! I could use that shirt! LOL Love it. Looking forward to birthday photos!

  2. How blessed you are. Love all the photos and the video. I have about 7 more weeks until our grandson arrives!!!!

  3. I definitely agree with you on the grandparent thoughts. There is nothing better than grandkids. And yes, yes, yes! She definitely needs a twirly-skirt!!

  4. Cute pictures! Grandparenting is grand! Amen to that!


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