Friday, December 21, 2018

SMILE! You're on Amma's Camera

Can y'all believe how close it is to Christmas? As empty nesters, we often find ourselves missing one or more family members during a holiday celebration but we are pretty good as making it all work and preserving our memories. Right? Right!

It is terrible how much I love taking pictures and displaying them all over my little house? I mean, it's almost like we have wall to wall pictures up in here! When the lovelies were growing up I was pretty good as preserving sweet memories on film and I feel especially good at preserving those precious memories now that I have grandchildren and not just because they love the pictures I have on the walls of their room at my house. But they do love the pictures. The enjoy having me point out who everyone is in pictures around the house and they love to tell me who's in the pictures in their room which is why I jump on any and all chances to take CanvasFactory on their offers of a FREE canvas print!

I wish I had waited until after Christmas this time but I needed a canvas of Opie for the nursery to make my set of three canvas prints complete. I have one of the two grands together and one of Lula Mae and now, I have one of Opie so we're all good!

Even better? Opie was here the day his canvas arrived so I let him open it up.

We love the new canvas! It shipped quickly and the quality is very good. The available sizes give customers plenty of options and you can edit right there on the website! As soon as I stop for more than 2 seconds I'll hang this one up with the other two and give y'all a look. Meanwhile, think about all the pictures you'll be taking over the holiday and keep your eye out for a favorite because YOU could win a FREE CANVAS, too! The lovely folks at CanvasFactory would love for a lucky reader to have a FREE CANVAS and so would I.

I'm going to run this until the New Year so y'all have plenty of time to enter and, just to keep it simple, all you have to do is comment here or on one of my social media sites that you want a chance to win a FREE CANVAS. That's it!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

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  1. Well, I will enter for the free canvas!! I have one I had done of Joe in the gondola on the Venice Grande Canal. Love it!! I finally gave up on hanging so many family pictures now have a digital frame with over 100 photos flashing by all the time. I can get lost in standing there as I dust, watching all our loved ones! I do still have quite a few framed photos too, but most are on the digital photo frame. Christmas is coming!!

  2. I've never used them or heard of them. I do canvas pictures all the time. I will definitely check them out.

  3. I would love to do a canvas of my sister! My email is


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