Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Seizing the Medley

Can y'all even believe January is almost over? I thought the month was going nice and slow but here we are at the end and BOOM! January is gone. I know some of you will be glad of this but, since we've had hardly any winter weather, I am not happy to see a winter month go away. The good news is we have a fun way to keep our spirits up!

Here's the medley of questions Terri gave us this week to answer. Won't you come and join us this week?

1.  Well, I do love croissants when they are fresh, but day-old croissants need to be turned into a donut.  I happen to really like the croissants that have a donut-like glaze on them!  Sugar overload but so good.  So... do you like croissants?  What is your favorite way to eat them? I like croissants but I rarely eat them because I just don't think about them unless I see them in a bakery or the bakery area of Whole Foods. I've had them with chicken salad and I liked how light it was allowing the flavors of the chicken salad to be prominent and I've had them with butter which was delicious, too.  
2.  Speaking of food... How do you handle stress? Most of the time I go into a mood which is almost always followed up by a bit of a tizzy and it is always good to run for your lives if you know I'm stressed. 
3.  Out of the negative emotions of greed, anger, jealousy, and hate, which one would you say affects you the most? Anger but not as much as it used to when I was younger. Nowadays, I have a more healthy, very controlled anger that stirs over more things such as injustice though I will say if it's something I am quite passionate about my tone might get raised and sharp... Back in the day, my anger was more akin to not getting my way. If I don't get my way now I just take it instead of getting angry about it. Bah! 
4.  Out of the positive emotions of compassion, positivity, enthusiasm, and initiative, which one is your biggest strength? Compassion without a doubt. No, enthusiasm. Wait, I am good at taking the initiative. And I am working on increasing my positivity. Hang on...I asked the lovelies and got back compassion and initiative; compassion and initiative; enthusiasm and initiative; enthusiasm; but it seems initiative was included in 3 of the 4 so, let's go with initiative. Although, they probably mean bossy. Or control freak. Bahahaha! 
5.  What do you get every time you go grocery shopping, other than the staples such as bread, milk, butter, flour, sugar... Fresh fruit and the type changes depending on my current fruit mood which, right now, is cherries. 
6.  Please tell us something random about your week so far. The weather has finally won. I am sick. I knew this crazy hotcoldhotcold was going to knock me down because of my allergies and it happened Monday night. I have a bad case of hayfever. UGH. How do I look at it in a positive way? I have medicine to take, hot tea with lemon, honey, and brandy to drink, a warm house to rest in... Oh, and it's not -45 like it is in Minnesota because let's be real, there is such a thing as TOO cold! hahaha! 
Have a wonderful rest of the week, y'all!

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  1. My sister, safely away from the cold in Florida, sent me a photo of snow plows plowing Lido Beach. It looks just like snow!! She thinks she's funny. Compassion and initiative is a great combo!

    1. Hahaha! Well, that is sort of funny. :) Hope you're staying warm up there in the frozen north.

  2. I have this respiratory junk that has been going around for a few weeks. I felt so lucky until Monday...this stuff is awful..and I do blame it on the weather...we go from 60 to 20 to 50 to 11...The up and down finally caught up with me.

    1. Same here. I hope it's hayfever but today it's starting to feel like it's moving down into my chest. UGH. I'd love to just have winter because, it's winter. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I am not enjoying the sickness that keeps going around. I feel like I am trying to get sick again too. I just got well! UGH! Loved your answers! Have a great day!

    1. This is my first one in a long time but I knew it was going to happen with all this crazy yo-yo weather. Stay well!

  4. Thanks for joining the Medley this week, Pam!! I enjoyed your answers and have to say that I am sick too. The doctor at my PT job came in Monday with a cold and guess who has a sore throat and earache tonight? Bring on the theraflu and the Musinex DM. I will put a mask on at work tomorrow so I don't contaminate our patients coming in. It will be a busy and very long day.

  5. Sorry your not feeling well, hope you feel better soon!


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