Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Super Medley

Hey, Y'all! How did your first week of January go? Pretty good here even though I turned 53. Again. Some of you might recall I stopped counting my birthdays at 53 and no, I will not tell you how long ago I made that decision. ArtistDaughter had a birthday on Friday and mine was on Sunday so we all gathered and celebrated on Saturday. A couple of these sweethearts came back on Sunday to move cabinets for me and that was exactly what I wanted for my birthday! The only thing that didn't cooperate was the weather but it's supposed to be chilly again starting today which means I'll be able to breathe for a few days. WooHoo! 

Here we go with the Wednesday Medley! If you haven't joined in yet, today is a good day to jump in! 

1.  It may be a little shocking, but National Static Electricity Day is January 9!!  Do you often get shocked often when you touch metal?  Not usually but I used to get those little shocks all the time. Maybe I'm just not in those places anymore or maybe it's just too humid around here. We used to show the lovelies how to slide their feet across the floor and then take a balloon and make their hair stand up. Good times. Here are some things to avoid!

How to Avoid the Shock of Static Electricity
  • The drier air of winter months is a better insulator than the more humid air of summer.  To help prevent static electricity, use a humidifier to put moister back into the air in your home during the winter months.
  • Our skin is drier in the winter months, too.  Putting on moisturizer before getting dressed is recommended.
  • Synthetic fabrics are better insulators than natural fibers. Wearing materials made from natural fibers such as cotton will help reduce the amount of static electricity that’s stirred up.
  • While walking around the house, at work or shopping, holding a key or a metal pen in your hand will help discharge the build-up of static electricity painlessly.
  • Switching to leather soled shoes versus rubber-soled shoes will help reduce the amount of static that is built up.
2.  There are actually two "National" days worthy of mention! It is also National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  Our men and women working in many areas of law enforcement put their lives on the line for us daily.  Do you know someone working in law enforcement who you can thank today? I do not. 

3.  At our house right now it is all about football.  Joe's Philadelphia Eagles barely won their game on Sunday to move forward in the playoffs and another chance to play in the Super Bowl this year.  Do you have a favorite team in the playoffs or does football make you yawn? Y'all know I am all about football! However, none of the teams I give a hoot about are in the playoffs this year. Usually, there is at least one team I can get behind and yes, there is one this year but I doubt they'll go any further than what they did this weekend. Is there a Super Bowl party in your future, no matter the teams playing? Most years I do make the yummy food and tune in no matter who's playing even if I'm pulling against a team instead of for them like last year when I just wanted the Falcons to lose. But, this year it will definitely depend on who makes it to the Super Bowl. If the two teams I think will make actually do make it then I will not be watching this year. And it will be the first year this has happened. 

4.  Speaking of parties, there is always lots of food at parties I attend.  Tell us a weird food combination that you really enjoy (or have enjoyed).  It doesn't have to be party food. I don't think I have any weird food combos I enjoy because I have such a bland palate. I tend to avoid weird food and some of it is just food I consider weird but other people enjoy daily. Ah, well, there's no accounting for other people's tastes. 

5.  Since we are on games and parties, what game have you spent the most hours playing? We are a game playing family so when we get together we spend hours playing the game of the night. The last one we played for hours was, What Do You Meme? when 21 of us gathered to celebrate the holidays on December 23rd. We had a blast!

6.  Tell us something random about your week so far. I've been organizing the office this week and it's taking me forever but it's starting to look good! I feel as though I can create with a new spirit of creativity and am excited about getting in there to create instead of organizing. The next room is the closet in the nursery and then about a gazillion Christmas decorations that were in the cabinets we moved into the office. I might be doing this until Christmas shows up again. Ha!

Have a great rest of the week, Y'all!

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  1. I have a hard time getting excited about the Super Bowl these days if my team isn't in it. There used to be the commercials to look forward to, but the last few years you could watch them online before the game even happened and last year they weren't even all that great. I won't be watching this year, either.

    1. It does seem to get more difficult when our teams aren't in it but it's also not much fun when the same people go time after time. I agree, the commercials are shown before the day of the game and they aren't nearly as good as they used to be.

  2. I have some organizing to do here too, but the first three days of this week have been so busy and filled with appointments, etc I haven't gotten started. Happy birthday! And happy new year too!

    1. I've started but I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is frustrating. If I start feeling overwhelmed things will end up not getting done at all so I'm guarding against that. Or, trying to. Happy New Year!

  3. Reorganizing is on my to-do list too. I probably won't get around to it til June, if then. I love your new name for that naughty card game. I sent it to my girls. Enjoy your week!

    1. The girls gave it the name. I never laughed so hard while playing that with them. LOL

  4. I'll have to check into that game. I like to try something new in the game department. Good for you for organizing! I'm working on organizing my soap room, but I had to get Christmas packed away first because it all goes in the closet in my soap room and in December it tends to get a bit overrun with stuff. LOL Have a great rest of your week! And Happy tad late Birthday! xo

    1. It is NOT a game to play around the grandkiddos. The language makes risky words seem tame. They would embarrass a sailor. LOL I'd love to see them come up with one with less offensive language we could play with my dad and stepmom. They would have a fit if they read most of the cards in that game. Good luck with the organizing. I'm not making as much headway as I'd like but I'll keep plugging through. Thank you!

  5. How to avoid static shock, do not touch Jo-Anne.......seriously peoples touch me and gt a shock

    1. Hahahaha! It's all that love for others you emit! :)

  6. Oh gosh, I need to start cleaning out closets (after 2 years). Thanks for the reminder... And thanks for joining in on the Medley today! I love that you and the kids love games!! Fun!


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