Friday, March 8, 2019

Missing the Seasons

I remember seasonal changes and I remember loving each and every one of those changes as they each meant something different and meaningful. Seasonal changes always gave me cause for pause, for reflection, for hope and anticipation. They brought about excitement for the new season and all that it held.

Most of you know I'm not a fan of spring and summer because of the heat and I think part of that is we don't get a winter or at least not much of one anymore so there's no need to look forward to spring when you've been having summer and spring all during fall and winter. It's like fall and winter are gone away and I miss them terribly.

The last 10+ years have given us summer-like weather all during autumn and spring-like weather in winter and I find it depressing. How I long for those seasonal changes of my youth.

When I was growing up summer meant the end of the school year, days at my grandparents helping Grandmother snap beans, shell peas, shuck corn... Summer meant sleeping with the windows up and the window fan going. It meant playing freeze tag and baseball in the yard. It meant climbing trees to read books and riding my bike all day long. Summer meant fourth of July with BBQ, watermelon, potato salad, deviled eggs, churning ice cream, and fireworks galore. Summer meant going to the lake and water skiing and having cookouts in the backyard and our annual week-long trip to Myrtle Beach. Summer meant fashioning flower crown wreaths from clover and running about in the yard with them on our heads. Summer meant going to the community swimming pool, chasing fireflies, running between the sheets hanging on the line, and glorious late afternoon summer thunderstorms.

Fall was exciting as the first coolness in the air came about and stunning, vibrant colors began to appear on trees that only weeks ago were a million different shades of green. There were holidays to prepare for, pumpkins to buy, weekend camping trips to the mountains where we always stopped and bought apples and apple cider from the roadside stands. Fall was Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving dinner and sweaters and jackets and long pants. Fall was football on television and in the backyard. Fall was school and friends and school supplies and new school clothes. Fall was full of energy and color and fun.

Winter meant cold and snow at least once a year enough to warrant getting a sled for Christmas. Winter was trees shed of their colors, stark spindly and beautiful black against lovely gray skies. Winter was the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, New Year's, my birthday. Winter was Grandmother's Christmas goodies all made from scratch and with love and yes, you could taste the difference. Winter was snuggling up by the fireplace with books and Barbies. Winter was hot chocolate, warm coats, boots, and knitted hats. Winter was cozy blankets, warm socks that flopped around as I walked in them. Winter was brilliant red cardinals against a white background. Winter brought a blank page for spring to color.

Spring was cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Spring was first of colors on every street. Spring was Easter and the Easter Bunny and a new Easter dress, and Easter dinner at Grandmother and Granddaddy's house. Spring was Grandmother and Grandaddy's birthday and their anniversary. Spring was knowing that school would be out soon and summer was just around the corner. Spring was working in the yard on weekends with Grandmother whose yard exploded with vibrant color all during spring and summer.

This year, we've had summer and spring in the low-country once again. There is no looking forward to spring because winter was not allowed to happen. There was only the hope of winter. There was no fall as summer held on through November and then the weather was more like spring than fall but could, technically, have been fall. Sadly, there were no distinct seasonal changes again this year.

I suppose moving to a climate more conducive to seasonal changes would be the answer but when you are close to family and super close to your grandkids, that's not actually going to happen because grandkids are more important than just about anything else in the world especially personal preference.

It's not always easy missing the wonderful things of our childhood. If you're like me you still miss your grandparents all the time, friends, family gatherings, and the like. A simpler, happier time. A time of seasonal changes when we were in the spring and summer of our lives.

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  1. We moved to Florida after we got married. We lasted 2 years before coming home because we missed the changing seasons. I have to say, though, that we live in the mountains of southwest Pennsylvania and we still have seasons, but they aren't like they used to be. If you blink, you will miss Spring. It seems most years we go straight into the hot, humid days of summer. And Fall? It often stays unseasonably warm (two years ago it was 93 degrees for our daughter's wedding at the end of Sept.) into November or even the beginning of December before it turns cold. Weather is just weird these days.

    1. I've heard the seasons are changing all over but I sure wish they wouldn't. I do so love the changes. It used to get chilly here at least by October but now it's nearly December before that happens.

  2. Well I admit to having a real winter here this year, and I am so happy. I totally understand where you are coming from.

  3. I don't mind not having the four seasons here in Florida. I hate cold winters, snow and ice so am happy as can be here in central Florida. I do enjoy reminiscing about things from my childhood. The family reunions, the closeness of cousins, having my grandparents alive and loving us... my childhood was very blessed and I get a little sad that many families today don't have those things as part of their foundation. Your kiddos are blessed, indeed!!

    1. I'm sure I wouldn't do well with extremes but the changes are quite nice. We always had just enough snow to appreciate it but never enough to be annoyed with it. Isn't it wonderful to have had such a lovely childhood? I find myself reminiscing all the time, obviously. LOL

  4. Yes when I was a child there seemed to be a real change in seasons but not so much now days


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