Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Some of you might have heard over the last year that we have a wedding about to happen in our family. NashvilleDaughter and DrummerBoy decided to tie the knot and how in the world the time flew by as it did I have no idea. It's a good thing this is my kid who plans ahead and pays attention to detail because it has been most interesting helping her plan a wedding when she's 9 hours away but she's done it and all seems to be falling into place. And I say 'seems' to because I don't want to jinx anything and y'all know how I am about jinxing games during football season so you can imagine how I am with family stuff. But this post is about the letter B and B is for BACHELORETTE. As in bachelorette weekend celebration not the tv show because that show is D for dumb. Anyway---

This past weekend was NashvilleDaughter's bachelorette weekend. 

While a few friends and her sisters gathered in the Highlands (NC) to celebrate the upcoming nuptials... 

I got to have three nights of sleepovers with these two goobers- 

I believe there are similarities between a bachelorette weekend and a weekend of grandparenting toddlers like time with people you love-

And probably a bit of this-

And this-

Because this--

Interesting wardrobe choices--


Maybe even a cry for help--

Some running to visit cows (until you realize they are way bigger in real life so you turn around)-

And the touching of a pig--

Ok, so maybe not so much of the last two but y'all know what I mean.

Whether it's a bachelorette weekend or enjoying grand-toddlers there is much fun, tons of laughter, spinning, sleeping, eating, talking, exploring, and exhaustion.

It's a toss-up as to which group had the most fun but there's is no doubt that the toddler gang was more exhausted because someone is still recovering but I'm not mentioning any names.

B is for bachelorette weekend because love was shown and shared. At both gatherings.


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  1. What a fantastic weekend for all of you! It looks like tons of fun were had at both events!!! Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!!! Have a great day! Annster's Domain

    1. Everyone did have the most wonderful time. Thank you so much!

  2. What a great location choice and what fun I'm sure they had! I think you got the best deal, though!! Those little ones are so darn cute and I love that they are so close! Too bad we aren't privy to the bachelor party I'm sure the guys had (?).

    1. DrummerBoy's parents have a cabin in the Highlands so the girls went there. The boys had the bachelor party the weekend before but there's was well...boys oriented so not nearly as much fun. LOL

  3. Interesting comparison. Pics of sleeping kids - I've experienced times when I needed proof that they actually DO fall asleep.

    1. When they were sleeping I thought I would cry I was so excited. LOL

  4. Highlands is gorgeous! Not too far from my neck of the woods. Our bride and groom are thinking of a mini moon at Old Edwards as they aren’t taking a honeymoon until July. I am with you on time suddenly speeding up. I feel like we’re getting ten emails a day and doing lots of the small special detail stuff now. We are 3 weeks out! Can’t wait!

    1. DrummerBoy's parents own a cabin there and that's where the girls went. She wouldn't let DrummerBoy have his bachelor weekend because she said boys are rougher on a place than girls no matter how old they get. LOL Ours aren't taking a honeymoon yet either. DrummerBoy has to get back on the road and they're touring at least through September, I think so they'll have their mini moon at a most lovely place I cannot for the life of me remember. LOL This will be our month of crazy emails and final payments, etc. We are 38 days out and so excited! Looking forward to seeing your post of the wedding!

  5. Glad this isn't about that show I have no interest in

  6. It all sounds perfect. How exciting, it looks like they had a fun time at the bachelorette party.


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