Monday, April 22, 2019

It Is What It Is

The letter of the day is, S. And S is for sick and that's what I was and that's why letters P, Q, and R are MIA. Ok, also they're missing because I couldn't come up with anything I wanted to write about but mostly it's because I was sick.

I'm not one to get sick very often so when I do, I'm a very unhappy camper about it. I don't want to be bothered, I don't want to be waited on, I don't want to be asked every five seconds how I'm feeling because I'm sick. I'm best just left alone in my misery.

Luckily all was fine by Sunday morning and our family Easter festivities continued as planned.

S is also for sisters.

And s is also for the MIA sister who isn't really missing we know where she is she just doesn't live nearby and she's getting married in just a few weeks--

And that's it for getting back on track. I am not a fan of the saying, "it is what it is" but y'all, it is what it is.

And I'm not promising a t-word for tomorrow. Wait...

I hope everyone had a marvelous Easter celebration!


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  1. I'm sorry you were sick for most of the weekend! Gosh darn it. Great photos of your kiddos! Hope you are feeling better and better!

  2. Feeling sick sucks, hopefully sisters don't suck

  3. Cute pictures. Glad you're feeling better. Have fun at the wedding!!


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