Friday, April 12, 2019

The Kitchen Table

Most of this post is a re-post of an earlier post but K is still for kitchen at our house so...

The kitchen has always been a gathering place for my family for as long as I can remember. The women in our family have probably spent over half of their lives in their kitchens and I am no different. I spent countless hours conversing with my grandmother as she prepared meal after meal- three meals/day seven days/week and while she baked cakes and breads from scratch. I also enjoyed listening to her sing while she worked in the kitchen. Our family ate all of our meals at the kitchen table and, if someone had football practice or a meeting, we waited for them to get home and we ate together. Meals at the table with everyone around are the only kind I have ever known (and not just during the holidays) so it is no surprise that I would continue this tradition with my own kids. Certainly, our kitchen table saw thousands of meals over the years. Sometimes we were even a bit creative with our meals- candlelight dinners; no manners night; dessert first night; etc. However, saying our table only satisfied family time during meals would diminish the importance and quality of the times our family shared while sitting there together.  
Our kitchen table provided space for creating school projects; gingerbread houses; Christmas cookies; Easter eggs; colorful artwork. The lovelies also studied and read books there. Many a game of telephone has been played at the table as well as hundreds of hours of playing board games, card games, and putting together jigsaw puzzles. The laughter still resounds if you listen carefully. This table has seen more than anyone’s fair share of girl talk, both serious and silly- the sharing of the deepest secrets and fears that young girls harbor as well as the silly thoughts and stories of a day in the life. Our kitchen table has witnessed the tears and anger brought on by disagreements as well as the tears, hugs, understanding, and smiles the resolutions brought.  It heard the intense discussions of the injustices of the world and the ways to make changes. It heard me telling my girls they could be anything in the world they wanted to be. The table has been the meeting place for friends both young and old as each of their friends sat and discussed their lives with me as well. How amazing it was to know their friends almost as well as I knew my own girls. They all knew that there was no judge or jury at the table, only listening and an attempt to understand.  

 The kitchen table is still a meeting place for my girls and myself and it remains our center when everyone comes home as it stirs past memories, and encourages the sharing of present goals and future dreams. And those games and all that laughter? Yep, it still takes place right at the kitchen table. 

The biggest, and best, difference is now I get to share our kitchen table with my grandbabies. How wonderful as small as our house is there is always room at the kitchen table especially for these two--

Yes, she's in the high chair because she recently
rediscovered it and she loves it and I have no idea
as to why other than, she's a two-year-old.

I'm already having tea at the table with this one. 
Sometimes we bake brownies and have them with milk in moose cups. 
K is for kitchen table. 


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  1. Replies
    1. I'm so glad you could relate to this post! Thank you for commenting!

  2. The "family room" in our house when I was growing up was the kitchen. The hub, the center of all that happened, where troubles were discussed and where love lived. My kitchen table seats six now and that is where I serve "company" unless it is a holiday or there are more than six to sit around the table. I still love meals in the kitchen, just a cup of coffee in the kitchen, or how about a game of cards in the kitchen!! It is my favorite room in the house, always!

    1. YES to all of that! I'm so glad there are others out there who value their kitchen table. :)


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