Saturday, April 13, 2019

Toddlers Know Best

I've learned a lesson or two from having two grandchildren in the toddler phase of life the first being I'm so glad I don't have them every single day because toddlers are not the easiest people on earth.

Perhaps I don't remember the days I had toddlers in the house on a daily basis or perhaps I was younger and could keep up. It's probably a combination of the two. The energy alone will exhaust the fittest of grandparents and I know this because I've asked. They're tired, too.

She. Never. Stops. NEVER.

When the toddlers began talking in full sentences I had forgotten how those sentences are strung together and how answers are expected immediately and if you can't get that answer out before the next question you're going to pay and you will pay because the questions are one continuous stream of who/what/why.

Our toddlers have taught us many things like just get in there and try it even if you're a little bit scared at first.

 And if you don't like it, you can run away.

We've learned there is almost always more than one way to use things-

We've learned spinning makes you dizzy but it's so very much worth the effort--

To love our pets fully-

And dog kisses are great.

They've taught us to appreciate sleep for a variety of reasons--

That girls truly can do it all-

Even if that means being a ballerina, astronaut, dragon slayer--

Blue tutus are awesome--

So is playing in the dirt or sand--

All you need to have a blast is a chair and a blanket-

Making up your own rules for games is cool--

Asking for help when you're in a tight situation is a good idea and perfectly acceptable--

Time with family is the most wonderful time of all---

There are lessons to learn or relearn every single day spent with a toddler. Life lessons we never thought about or those we knew once upon a time but lost it when we grew up. It's grand we can take those lessons back when we become grandparents.

L is for lessons. The most valuable lessons we can learn. Those taught by toddlers.


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  1. Toddlers are amazing and funny and these photos prove it

  2. Great photos and videos of your adorable and delightful little ones, Pam. Thanks for sharing them with us!! Whew... so much energy!!

    1. So much energy is right! I can't keep up. So, they run around me. LOL Thank you so much!


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