Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The News I Prefer

I've been pretty good at avoiding the news due to an event which took place in 2016 because it's been nothing but embarrassing and I prefer the news not to feature misogynistic, racist, fear monger, hate-filled, narcissistic lunatics but that's another story altogether. And not at all what this blog will ever promote.

This post is about the news I do follow. The segments featuring positivity. The ones showing humanity and hope are alive and well. The ones showing compassion for our planet and our fellow humans. People being good humans.

N is for news. The good kind.

You can skip past Jane Pauley to get to the good part in this one. 

There are so many more of these news stories out there but I'm stopping here. I'd love to hear about your favorite news story of the last year or two. Whether local, national, or international there are good people out there spreading good things and these are the stories I look for every day.

N is for news.


  1. Pam, I don't watch the news, good or bad, unless it is weather happening in our area that I need to pay attention to. You posted some positive, good news. Perhaps I need to pay more attention!! Thanks for that!

    1. I don't watch it every day because I don't have time to mute the bad. LOL But I do enjoy catching the good segments when they air. It helps keep me hopeful. :)

  2. Great stories. I think I saw the first one before but no matter it was still good to see again. I don't have a news story like these to add to your list. I agree that news of people helping people (which happens very often) is important to report. I believe most all people are good.

    1. Stories like these help me believe most all people are good. I'm always needing a reminder.


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