Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Holding it Together with the Medley

Holla! I've missed the last two Medleys, dang it. The really sad part? I actually wrote the posts. I just forgot to post them. Not this week! It's been so hot here it's messing with my mind. But we've still managed to have a little fun. I find if I get outside by 6:30 AM I can sit out there for almost an hour to watch the sunrise, meditate, and water the tomato plants this little cutie planted---

I know I still owe y'all the last wedding post but I decided to wait for the professional photos to be ready. Going through all these others is crazy so hopefully, in another week or two...

Meanwhile, let's get down to the Medley!

1.  Wow!  Had you ever heard of the Holocaust project involving paperclips? I had not. It is a great teaching project, for sure!

2.  Have you ever created a paperclip chain? Yes. How long did it get? I have no idea as it was something I created out of boredom but I will say this, taking that thing apart was a pain! LOL

3.  I use paperclips as hooks at Christmas time to put ornaments on the tree.  Works like a charm!! What is something you used a paperclip for, other than holding papers together? I've tried to use them as safety pins when there was no safety pin in sight but that didn't work at all. I never thought about using them as ornament hooks. 

4.  I am amazed at the shapes and colors of paperclips available.  I found my favorite... share your favorite with us here! Mostly I just like plain ol' paperclips because anything else makes a stack of papers not lay quite right. But I do like the butterfly ones. Also, if I'm just sent a few sheets to someone or even a stack, I do enjoy decorated paper clips. If you've got to get a stack of papers to go through, a cute paper clip tends to make it a bit less of a bad thing. 

Cute ones for lessening the blow--

Large ones like these make great chip clips!

5.  Say goodbye to May on this last Wednesday of May.  Be poetic if you will, or simply bid it adieu. 

Go home, May. You're drunk. 
Get out and take your record-breaking hot temperatures with you! 
Good riddance to your record-breaking heat!
I don't know what you did to piss off Mother Nature but cut it out!

Can y'all see a theme here? Hahaha!
6.  Tell us something about your week so far, please! It's been hot. Record-breaking temperature hot. And I do not like it. It's so hot, it's hitting the meme scene--

Have a great rest of the week, y'all! And I hope you aren't having heat like this or damaging storms!

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  1. It has been hot here in Missouri too and the never ending tornadoes can go away too. Those are super cute paperclips! Loved your answers! Have a nice week!

  2. Hey Pam, has it been hot where you are? lol Sorry I couldn't resist!

  3. It is hot here in FL too, so just put FL in place of SC in all those memes! Gosh, I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures, Pam! Hurry up, photographer!! xoxox

  4. Love the flower paperclips! Have a great Wednesday!

  5. It's been unusually cool and rainy here. Those flower paper clips are really cute.

    Yes, I use binder clips to close everything from coffee and chip bags to packages of crackers and bags of specialty flours. So handy!


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